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Professor Susanne Kord and Professor Axel Körner win Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowships

7 January 2015

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Professor Susanne Kord (UCL SELCS) and Professor Axel Körner (UCL History) have each been awarded a three-year Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship, beginning 1 October 2015.

Professor Kord received the sum of £138,482 for 'The Devil We Know: Crime Writing and Propaganda in Germany’s Pre-World-War Periods’.

The project will investigate two diametrically opposed stock types in texts written during the run-up to both World Wars: the wicked andfoul ‘foreigner’ (Frenchmen, ‘Bolsheviks’, Jews) in pre-war propaganda and literature, and the ‘homegrown’ criminal as a harmless, even lovable eccentric (‘the devil we know’) in criminology and literature.

Professor Körner will now devote at least 80% of his time to his new project "Transnational Monarchy. Rethinking the Habsburg Empire, 1804-1918".

Axel says about his project, "Conflicts between nationalities have long been seen as the Habsburg Empire’s fatal weakness, explaining its eventual collapse in the wake of World War One. A transnational approach to the history of the Empire questions the validity of this interpretation.

My project employs conceptual challenges emerging from the field of transnational studies to reassess the nationality question in the Habsburg Empire. It does so by means of a specific set of research questions applied to four case studies. Three of these case studies investigate specific nationalities within the Empire (Czechs, Italians, and German speakers from Transylvania); the fourth case study looks at cultural practices connected to music theatre within the Empire. Opera created links between the elites and the middle classes, while also cutting across national boundaries.

My own archival research will be integrated into the recent historiographical discussion, which has started to challenge interpretations of the Habsburg Empire that focus narrowly on conflict between nationalities. The aim of my project is to write a substantial monograph and to disseminate my research through seminars and conferences."

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