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UCL Philosophy Research Fellow appointed member of APA

13 November 2013


Nathaniel Coleman, Research Fellow in the Philosophy of 'Race' in UCL Philosophy has been appointed a member of the American Philosophical Association’s (APA) Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers for a three-year term, beginning on 1 July, 2014.

APA committees fulfill a wide variety of national purposes of the APA and, in that capacity, are responsive to the needs of APA members. The work of the committee members includes the development, planning, and supervision of a broad range of APA projects, such as prizes, awards, newsletters, sessions at divisional meetings, web resources, surveys, input to the APA board of officers, and, in general, activities that help philosophers perform their professional duties as teachers and researchers.

All committees also have the right to recommend to the board the adoption of statements and the initiation of programs which would assist in achieving the aims of the committee and the association.