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Call for participants: investigating user centric data quality

18 July 2014

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Vijay Rajkiran Ramraj (Geographic Information Science, MSc) invites participants with experience of working with geospatial data to take part in short interviews. The focus of the research is to understand the expectations of the users regarding the spatial data quality.

Participants are needed for interview between 14-25 July 2014. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Vijay at: vijay.ramraj.13@ucl.ac.uk

Interview details:

Interviews last 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) and and will cover several questions related to your experience in using spatial datasets; no technical thinking/ knowledge or pre-reading is required. Some data quality visualisations will also be presented and you will be asked for your suggestions.

Please suggest a time and date you are available for interview when confirming your interest via the email address above.

About the study:

Metadata is provided by the data producer along with the geospatial datasets and it contains the quality information that the user can access to identify the ‘fitness for use’ i.e. whether the data is ideal for the intended purpose. But most of the metadata provided is producer centric that either does not provide information that is actually required by the user or does not provide information in the format required by the user. A lot of research has been done previously to produce and visualise the user centric metadata. This study is an attempt to visualise the data quality parameters in different levels of detail i.e. dataset, layers, attribute and object instance level by considering the suggestion of geospatial dataset users and evaluate it with the users.