Archaeologists, Collectors, and Museums: Redressing the Ethical Divide in the face of Modern Conflict

Start: Oct 12, 2015 6:30:00 PM

Beth Shean Bust
Informed by his diverse career in archaeological publishing, the museum world, and the commercial sphere of ancient art, Dr Mark Merrony examines the ethical issues that polarize archaeologists in their relations with public and private collectors, and he examines legislation in the face of modern conflict in the Middle East and of the possibilities of future reconciliation.

"In the footsteps of King Billy": The Origins of the Jewish Community in Dublin in the Context of Irish History

Start: Oct 15, 2015 6:15:00 PM

Jewish Dublin
Philip Alexander is Emeritus Professor of Post-Biblical Jewish Literature at the University of Manchester and a Fellow of the British Academy. His research interests include the history of Judaism; the relationship between Judaism and Hellenism in the Second Temple and Talmudic periods; early Jewish Bible interpretation, particularly Midrash and Targum; the Dead Sea Scrolls; the Jewish background to Christian origins; the interaction of Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity; early Jewish geography; early Jewish and Christian mysticism and magic, especially the 'Testament of Solomon' and Heikhalot mysticism; the relationship of the latter to Gnosticism and its influence on the development of the mediaeval Qabbalah and German Hasidism; Jewish messianism. His major publications include: 'Rabbinic Texts and the History of Late-Roman Palestine' (co-ed. 2010); 'Companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Mystical Texts' (2005); 'The Targum of Canticles' (2003); 'Serekh ha-Yahad and Two Related Texts' (1998); and 'Textual Sources for the Study of Judaism' (1984).

Incest and the Habsburgs

Start: Oct 21, 2015 5:00:00 PM
End: Oct 21, 2015 7:00:00 PM

Habsburg Roundels
It is a great pleasure to welcome Geoffrey Parker, Andreas Dorpalen Professor of European History at Ohio State University, back to the Centre for another special guest lecture. Geoffrey is a leading specialist in early modern Spain, military and global history. All welcome, followed by a wine reception to be held in the Wilkins Garden Room.

‘A new comodye in englysh in maner of an enterlude’: La Celestina in circulation between the Hispanic book market and the Tudor Stage

Start: Nov 25, 2015 4:30:00 PM
End: Nov 25, 2015 7:00:00 PM

An event organised in conjunction with the Golden Age and Renaissance Seminar.

Specimens of Poetesses

Start: May 4, 2016 5:00:00 PM
End: May 4, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Mary Sidney
Paul Salzman (La Trobe), Editing early modern women: Alexander Dyce's Specimens of British Poetesses (1825)