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New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces

New paint makes tough self cleaning surfaces

A new paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces has been developed by a team led by UCL researchers. The coating can be applied to clothes, paper, glass and steel and when combined with adhesives, maintains its self-cleaning properties after being wiped, scratched with a knife and scuffed with sandpaper.

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Video: Robust super hydrophobic and self-cleaning coatings (Credit: UCL MAPS)

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Gene study may explain why some remain quick thinkers

Dr Jonathan Roiser (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) comments on a study which has suggested that genetic differences could explain why some people are quicker thinkers in middle age and later life. Read: BBC News More...

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Nigel Farage is wrong on the aid budget - but it's an argument that's worth having

Nigel Farage launched Ukip’s 2015 manifesto on Wednesday with a promise to hack deep into the foreign aid budget. Indeed, the manifesto goes so far as to suggest that the aid programme is responsible for increasing the national debt we leave to our children, writes Dr David Hudson (UCL Political Science) in The Guardian.