Archaeology and Economic Development 2012

Keynote Speakers

 We are delighted to announce our two keynote speakers who will open the conference.

Dr. Richard Hodges, OBE An Archaeologist's Perspective on Economic Development
Richard Hodges

Richard Hodges OBE, FSA is the Williams Director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and President-elect of the American University in Rome (commencing June 2012). Before his appointment as museum director, Professor Hodges taught archaeology at the University of Sheffield, the University of Siena, and the University of Copenhagen. He also served as Director of the British School at Rome (1988-1995), became head of the Prince of Wales' Institute of Architecture (1996), and was a professor and director of the Institute of World Archaeology at the University of East Anglia (1995–2007). He has been for a number of years the Scientific Director of the Butrint Foundation leading excavations there particularly into the Roman-era sites at Butrint, Albania.

Dr. Hodges early interests focused on 7-9th century North Sea trade networks, emporia, their peak as settlements, and later abandonment or absorption into better-defended settlements. He has authored influential works in the field, including Dark Age Economics (1982), Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe (1983) and Light in the Dark Ages: The Rise and Fall of San Vincenzo Al Volturno (1997), The Anglo-Saxon Achievement (1989) and Towns and Trade in the Age of Charlemagne (2000). More recently, he and colleagues have published technical volumes on the excavations in Butrint under the aegis of the Butrint Foundation (2011-12).

Prof. Dallen Timothy
A Heritage / Tourism Scholar’s Perspective on Economic Development 
Prof D. Timothy

Dallen J. Timothy is a professor in the School of Community Resources and Development; Director of the Tourism Development and Management programme; and Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University. He is also Adjunct Professor of geography at the University of Indiana, Visiting Professor of Heritage Tourism at the University of Sunderland, and Visiting Professor of Tourism Management at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.

Professor Timothy’s research interests in tourism include heritage, community-based development, political boundaries and geopolitics, peripheral and rural regions, less-developed countries, and religiously-motivated travel. He has written widely on the subject of heritage and tourism, and some of his recent books include Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An Introduction (2011), Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the Developing World (2009, edited with Gyan Nyaupane), and Tourism in the USA (2009, written with Dimitri Ioannides). He is the editor of the Journal of Heritage Tourism and serves on the editorial boards of twelve international scholarly journals. Professor Timothy is currently undertaking heritage-related research in Nepal, Mexico, Israel/Palestine, Canada, Finland, China, Republic of Georgia, Andorra, Spain and various locations in the United States.

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