Archaeology and Economic Development 2012

Tim Schadla-Hall

Tim Schadla-Hall is a Reader in Public Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at University College London, where he specialises in the study of how the archaeological discipline interacts with the public. He started as a field archaeologist in Wessex and subsequently pursued a career in museum archaeology and management, culminating as Director of Museums, Arts and Records in Leicestershire before joining the Institute. 

Mr Schadla-Hall has written numerous articles on public archaeology, and is presently the editor of the Journal of Public Archaeology, having previously edited the Archaeological Journal. He has also continued an interest in field archaeology and has been actively involved in a long term project on the Early Mesolithic in the Vale of Pickering, as well as an extensive research programme with Dr. Adrian Green on the landscape history of Boynton Hall in East Yorkshire.  

He continues to take an active interest in museum development projects, especially with local communities.   

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