Archaeology and Economic Development 2012

Professor Arjo Klamer

Arjo Klamer is a professor in the economics of art and culture at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he holds the world’s only chair in the field of cultural economics

Professor Klamer has published numerous scholarly articles and books on the economics of cultural heritage, cultural goods, the attention economy, the rhetoric of economics, and written columns in several newspapers. He is also a board member of various cultural and social institutions, and the founder of Academia Vitae - a university for and about life. He is chairman of the Philosophy East West and chairman of the board of trustees of a school for graphic craftmanship.

His books include The Value of Culture (1996), The Story of Money (1998), Speaking of Economics: How to be in the Conversation (2007), Pak Aan (2011) and Economy in bed, on the toilet, or bath (2011, with Paul Teule and Erwin Dekker).

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