Archaeology and Economic Development 2012

Dr. Robert Bewley

Dr. Robert Bewley is the Director of Operations at the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) – the largest dedicated funder for heritage-related projects in the U.K (covering the natural as well as historic environments).  He has previously held positions at English Heritage as Regional Director for South West England and, prior to this, Head of Survey, and Head of Aerial Survey.

Dr. Bewley still practices aerial archaeology in Britain and Jordan and regularly writes and lectures on both prehistoric archaeology, aerial survey and the heritage sector at large. His publications include Prehistoric Settlements (Batsford 1994 and Tempus 2004) and (as co-editor) Aerial Archaeology: developing future practice (2002, with Włodzimierz Rączkowski) and Ancient Jordan from the air (2004, with David Kennedy).

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