Archaeology and Economic Development 2012

Archaeology and Economic Development

21-22 September 2012, Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Thank you to all the speakers and delegates that attended the conference in September.  Video of all the sessions and discussions are available to view here.  Papers from the conference will be published in 2013, please visit our publication page for further information.  The Conference Programme is still available to view, with biographical details and abstracts for all the speakers.

Throughout the world, archaeological sites and associated museums and heritage parks have become essential economic engines. In the developing world archaeologists are often required by government mandate or indigenous political considerations to support and engage in development-oriented activities. Funding and permission to excavate are increasingly dependent on economic impact. However, there is currently little in the way of conceptual direction or best-practice research to guide practitioners on the best way to use archaeological resources for development and ensure that non-archaeologists recognise this potential value. This conference brought together experts of the highest level from archaeology, development and economics to address from a theoretical, ethical and practical point of view the increasing involvement of archaeologists in economic development at the locations in which they work.

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