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Students on this Masters are automatically affiliated to, and participate in, the Human Ecology Research Group with its long record of fostering outstanding postgraduate and postdoctoral research.

Staff and students have carried out a diverse range of research programmes and projects all over the world.

Common themes include: Resource use; livelihoods; poverty; biodiversity; conservation; development; corporate social responsibility; demography; migration & mobility; environmental change. All this research has been carried out in forests; wetlands; drylands; cloud forests; marine areas; urban and peri-urban areas... read more

Skills Development

The Masters provides ample opportunities, through its dedicated programme and that of the Graduate School, to develop your skills profile in a whole range of areas that will prove invaluable once you leave the course to enter employment or further study. Some, but by no means all, of the key skills that will be developed, are indicated below.


The Graduate school have an extensive training programme for postgraduate students, much of which is available to Masters students. These include courses in

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Career Management and Employability Skills
  • Library & Web Information skills
  • IT skills
  • Writing / Reading / Thesis Preparation
  • Presenting / Publishing your Research
  • Analysis / Research Techniques
  • Research Environment
  • Entrepreneurship and the Management of Innovation

For further details on these types of courses, see the Graduate School's Skills Development Programme website, particularly the list of courses relevant to masters students and the separate section for Students in the Social and Historical Sciences.