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masia herding goats

Photo description Masai herding goats, Tanzania. Source, Sara Randall

tuareg woman

Photo description Tuareg woman and children. Source, Sara Randall

Congregation from a Mei village

Photo description Congregation from a mei village near lake Taga walking to church. Source Gita Kasthala

Research Seminars


Photo Description: A Kwegu boy chases birds away from ripening corn, Omo Valley Ethiopia. Source, Jerome Lewis

Attending Research Seminars is an extremely important part of the training offered through this MSc and, located in central London, we are extremely well placed to provide students with opportunities to attend an immensely diverse range of talks of direct relevance to the course, from across the city.

Human Ecology Research Group (HERG)

All students attend the HERG group meetings which take place for 2hrs weekly in Terms 1 and 2. Additional sessions/workshops may also happen at other times.

HERG promotes interdisciplinary information sharing and communication between researchers by providing a regular forum for research students as well as academics from both natural and social science backgrounds to present work in progress, to receive feed-back and to develop ideas with other researchers and conservation professionals. As postgraduates have completed their research and gone on to professional roles outside UCL, the group has evolved into a broader association that includes individuals based in other institutes and agencies. HERG members share a keen interest and experience in the management and maintenance of the natural environment, and concern for understanding the role of key stakeholders, from households and local communities to local, national and international development, commercial and government agencies. Collaboration with national and international policy makers and practitioners is considered a priority by the group, given the very applied nature of the research area.

Other Research Seminars

At the start of Terms 1 and 2 the Masters Tutor presents students with a tailor-made programme of seminars being given by outside speakers that they should attend. In addition to HERG, students must attend at least one other research seminar per week. The programme covers relevant talks from within the department seminar series (see below for this terms talks) as well as talks being given in the wider UCL community or external Institutions such as London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSTHM), London School of Economics (LSE), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) etc.