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Students on this Masters are automatically affiliated to, and participate in, the Human Ecology Research Group with its long record of fostering outstanding postgraduate and postdoctoral research.

Staff and students have carried out a diverse range of research programmes and projects all over the world.

Common themes include: Resource use; livelihoods; poverty; biodiversity; conservation; development; corporate social responsibility; demography; migration & mobility; environmental change. All this research has been carried out in forests; wetlands; drylands; cloud forests; marine areas; urban and peri-urban areas... read more



Enquiries about the programme, the department, and (in some cases) the application process can be directed to Dr Emily Woodhouse at e.woodhouse@ucl.ac.uk. A secondary point-of-contact is Claudia Amphlett, the department's Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer (anthro-masters@ucl.ac.uk).

General information for overseas applicants can be found in the UCL international section, while information for all prospective graduate students can be found in the Graduate Prospectus web page.

If you would like to speak to some of our current or past students, please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.