Jerome Arba Minch festival

Photo description: Celebrating the cow, SW Eithiopia. Source Jerome Lewis

Elders drawing

Photo description: Elders drawing their Village, Sonbuli, Southern Lao PDR. Source Caroline Garaway

Applying for the course


Candidates should normally possess the equivalent of a good UK Upper Second Class Honours degree or an American GPA of approximately 3.4 or an overseas qualification of equivalent standard in a relevant discipline. As with other Anthropology Masters we attract and positively welcome a globally diverse student intake. Suitable degrees for this interdisciplinary Masters include anthropology, a joint degree with an anthropology component, social and historical sciences, natural sciences, environmental science, geography, economics or development. Veterinary science has also been a good basis for this Masters. Applications from candidates with grades lower than an upper second will be considered in the light of referees’ comments and, where applicable, the professional experience of applicants.

Relevant postgraduate research and/or work experience (e.g. in social, development or environmental research or work experience with a development and/or environmental NGO) is particularly welcome and such experience should be clearly described in the Personal Statement as well as the CV.

The vast bulk of other information regarding application to the MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development, including qualifications for international students, English language proficiency requirements, and links to the application itself, can be found here:

Typically the time from application submission to formal notification of an admission decision is roughly 4-6 weeks, but this varies considerably with the time-of-year. The formal application deadline for this academic year is June 2016, but applicants are advised to submit their materials well before that time to be ensured full consideration and to minimize delays in processing.

Note in particular that international students are advised to submit an application for admission to study at UCL as early as possible – ideally prior to January 2016 for the 2016/17 academic year. Early application for admission will help students meet any required deadlines for applying for degree programmes, for UCL accommodation, for any scholarship or funding applications, and for obtaining a student visa.

Note also that international applicants are generally ineligible for part-time study. This is less a policy of UCL per se than a result of UK government stipulations on the amount of weekly study hours required to hold a UK student visa.

Application Fee

UCL has an application processing fee for all postgraduate taught programmes (including this one). The fee is £75 for online applications and £100 for paper applications. The application fee is non-refundable, and if you apply for more than one programme the fee is payable for each application submitted.