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Leadership & Management

"Found the course brilliant- immensely useful! By far the best course either of us have been on so far, really recommend for all managers!"
Luka Blackman-Gibbs, Head of Nacue Create, October 2013

"The course gave me exposure to a wide range of management principles, affecting loads of areas in my current role. It has given me lots of practical skills that help me directly with my job. The facilitator and the different sessions have encouraged me to explore outside my comfort zone. The varied professional and educational backgrounds of fellow students made for lively and enriching discussions. I will definitely try out new approaches to management in my current role as a result of this course"
Giancarlo Riveros, Regional Team Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean, March 2013

"The Facilitator was excellent, the topics were clearly explained in an interesting manner and questions were openly accepted and fully answered."
Anonymous, September, 2011

"I really enjoyed this course and felt that being taught by somebody with such an obvious actual working experience as a manager befitted me so much more than several other courses I have attended, where I got the impression that I was being given knowledge that they too had only been taught and never experienced first hand."
Sam Gossage, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, UCL

“Every supervisor should be made to take it!!!”
Anonymous, March 2011

“Overall I think this is one of the best learning experiences I have had the pleasure of attending.”
Anonymous, March 2011

“I was honestly impressed with the flow and engagement of Stuart. Topics were explained clearly, there were a lot of applicable examples, time was used very well, and it was very informative.”
Anonymous, June 2011

“….The facilitators were excellent and the content of the course inspiring. I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you're a manager, leader or aspire to be one - the course will empower you with the knowledge that applies to the real life workplace situations.”
Anonymous, March 2011

“Stuart was an excellent facilitator. He was engaging, knowledgeable, encouraging and accessible throughout the course....He also ascertained our management experience, gave a clear outline of the course content and clear, understandable, achievable objectives.....Stuarts delivery of material was also wonderfully paced - it allowed me to reflect on concepts and my own skills (or lack of them!) as we went along.”
Anonymous, March 2011

“I particularly liked his [Stuart’s] interactive delivery style. He knows his area very well and draws examples from his very wide experiences in industry which enables one to apply the concepts immediately to real life situations.”
Anonymous, October 2010