UCL Advances Summer Internship Recruitment Fairs 2014

Student Information

Pre-registration for the fairs is mandatory. We will be checking people in on the day. If you have not done so, please register for all three now:

You should be attending all three recruitment fairs as there will be different companies represented at each fair. Remember: even if you find a company which interests you on the first day, this company may choose a different student – and the company of your dreams may show up on the final day. You will want to be there to speak with them!

The companies will be at their tables from 2pm-5pm. Students, however, do not need to arrive immediately at 2pm, nor are they required to stay for the full 3 hours. The more time you spend at the fair, the more time you will have to network with companies – but this is not mandatory. If you are only able to attend for one hour, this is fine. It is better for you to attend each fair briefly than to attend a single fair in its entirety.

Remember to bring your CVs. Companies will be expecting to collect CVs on the day, so you will be at a disadvantage if you have not brought yours.

If you were unable to attend the Personal Branding workshops but you would like some guidance on how to pitch to companies, you may book a Short Guidance Appointment with UCL Careers through your My Careers Service account. If you tell them you are attending the UCL Advances Recruitment Fairs, they will be able to help you.

Company Information
Fair Date Company list
24th March Download company list
27th March Download company list
31st March Download company list

Please note all company lists are subject to change as we get last minute cancellations and additions