When can I apply? Is there a deadline? How do I apply?

We are holding four recruitment fairs at the end of March for you to network with companies. When you are paired with a company, you will work together to develop a proposal of the placement and submit to us by 25th April. Successful applicants will be notified by early May and internships will begin in June or July.

We are holding three information sessions where you can learn more about the application process: on March 10th, March 12th and March 17th.

What is the stipend amount?

You will receive £250 per week of your internship, delivered in two lump sums: the first in the 2nd week of your internship and the second in your penultimate week. Students doing an 8-week internship can expect £1000 in their 2nd week and £1000 in their 7th. Students doing a 12-week internship can expect £1500 in their 2nd week and £1500 in their 11th.

Will I need to produce a report?

You will be required to fill out a brief feedback form, but no formal report is required by UCL Advances. Some SMEs like to conclude the internship placement with a report, but this is not required by the Internship Programme itself.

I’m an international student, am I able to apply?

Yes, provided that your visa covers the internship period and allows you to work. A Tier 4 student visa allows you to work full-time outside of term time.

Will the Summer Internship Programme extend my visa?

No; your visa must cover the full period of the internship placement.

I am currently studying abroad and will be unable to attend the recruitment fair; how can I still apply?

The recruitment fairs are not mandatory to attend; rather, they are an opportunity for you to meet with potential companies for your internship. If you are unable to attend the recruitment fairs, you will need to source your own company and develop with them a proposal to submit by April 25th, 2014. All London-based SMEs are eligible provided they are able to give you a steady workspace that is neither a hot desk nor in a home office.

My degree has no relevance to business, what are my chances of getting a placement?

Every year the successful group of interns has come from a range of backgrounds, degrees, and years of study. Your chances of getting in are dependent on your application rather than your degree.

I have already graduated. Am I eligible?

All students who are within one year of their graduation may apply.

I was a student in last year’s Internship Programme, am I allowed to take part again this year?

You are allowed to apply – however, priority is given to students who have not participated previously.

I want to participate but I’m writing my dissertation this summer. Will I get time off for this?

In the past, students writing their dissertations have participated and have arranged with their SME to have time off each week to meet with their supervisors. This is, however, subject to your SME’s approval and you will have to make up the hours.

Do I have any extra obligations if we do a Santander-funded internship?

You will need to be registered on Santander’s online system and complete an extra feedback form at the end of the placement.

I already have a company in mind. Do we have to attend the fairs?

You should ensure that your chosen company meets our eligibility criteria, and you and your company must submit a proposal by the deadline. (Please note that proposals from ineligible companies will be disregarded, so you must ensure they are eligible before applying. You may contact us at businesssupport@ucl.ac.uk if you are unsure about a company’s status as an SME). The fair itself is not necessary to attend. We do, however, recommend that you attend all of our workshops as they will still be beneficial to you.

I attended the 3 Day Enterprise Bootcamp last year. Do I need to attend again?

The content of the Bootcamp does not change year from year. If you have attended at any point, you do not have to attend again. Please note that we will confirm your attendance with our records.

I’ve signed up for a workshop/Bootcamp/information session but now I cannot make the dates. How do I reschedule?

Log in to Eventbrite with the information you used to book the ticket. From here, you can cancel your ticket for the dates you cannot make. You can then sign up again for dates on which you are available.

I have a question not listed here.

You will have the opportunity to learn more at the information sessions on March 10th, March 12th and March 17th. Otherwise, please contact businesssupport@ucl.ac.uk.


I have booked/would like to book a holiday during my placement dates. Will I have to cancel my booking?

Ideally you will have arranged placement dates with your SME that do not overlap with your other commitments. If this is impossible, you will need to get approval from both your SME and from UCL Advances for any time off. Any missed days will have to be made up at the end of the internship.

I don’t like my placement. What do I do?

Make sure you have at least started your second week at your placement, as it takes time to settle into your role. Interns who are unhappy in their first week typically begin to enjoy the placement as they settle in. If you are still unhappy with your role, speak to your SME contact about what can be done to make it more enjoyable for you – remember that the internship is real work at a real company and consequently should be challenging. If after settling in and speaking with your SME contact you are still unhappy, speak with your UCL Advances contact about what can be done.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact your UCL Advances contact listed on your agreement.



When can I apply? Is there a deadline?

Applications open in late January/early February. The deadline to submit your expression of interest for a recruitment fair is March 14th. The deadline to submit a proposal is April 25th.

How do I apply?

Submit an expression of interest here. If you meet our criteria, we will invite you to attend a recruitment fair between 2pm -5pm at the end of March; the specific date is determined by your company sector. To attend the fair you will be charged a small fee based on company size: up to 10 people, £100; up to 50 people, £200; up to 250 people, £300. At the fair, connect and exchange information with students that interest you and arrange to interview them when you are both available. After selecting a student, develop with them a proposal for the placement and submit it to businesssupport@ucl.ac.uk by 25th April. You may download the proposal template here.

Will I have to contribute to the intern’s salary?

No. UCL Advances provides the intern with a training allowance of £250 per week, and you are not required to contribute anything toward this. You will, however, be asked to cover any fees the student incurs as a result of their placement.

What sort of costs are we expected to cover?

You will be asked to pay a small fee to attend the recruitment fair. Any fees incurred as a result of the intern’s placement will also be your responsibility – e.g. travel to and from meetings offsite, conference costs, etc. Daily travel between the intern’s home and the office is the intern’s responsibility.

I would like to contribute to the intern’s salary, is this allowed?

You are more than welcome to provide the intern with bonuses above and beyond the training allowance; however, this is neither necessary nor expected.

We are located outside of London. Are we eligible?

If you are registered in London and meet the other criteria, you may submit an application. Having premises located outside of London, however, reduces your chances of finding an intern, and you will be expected to pay the intern’s travel and/or accommodation costs.

Do we have any extra obligations if we do a Santander-funded internship?

You will need to be registered on Santander’s online system and complete an extra feedback form at the end of the placement.

We aren’t willing to put in the training for an intern who will only stay 8 weeks. Can we apply only for a 12-week placement?

We have a small number of 12-week placements to make and will be awarding them to the best applicants who request one. As long as your chosen student is in agreement, it is within your discretion to put in the time and effort to apply solely for 12 weeks.

We already have a student in mind. Do we have to attend the fairs?

Please ensure that you are eligible for our programme before you apply. You and your student must submit a proposal by the April 25th deadline; the fair itself is not necessary to attend.

We have a lot of work available over the summer – may we take on two interns?

We typically place only one intern per company.

We work from home, but we have a dedicated and professional office space. Is this suitable?

No; unfortunately, a home office of any kind makes you ineligible.

We have a desk, but no spare computer. Would the intern be able to bring a laptop?

Yes, this is possible, but make sure your student has a laptop they are able to bring in with them before submitting your proposal.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact businesssupport@ucl.ac.uk.

Intern Hosts

Everyone at our company works long hours; can we expect our intern to do the same?

The interns are bound by their agreement to put in up to 36.5 hours per week at your SME. Whether a student puts in more or less hours than this is decided between the intern and the SME. If a student is not happy to do more than 36.5 hours per week, they are not obliged to do so.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact your UCL Advances contact, listed on your agreement.