Would you like a high calibre student/graduate to help develop your business over the summer, at minimal cost to you?

If so, why not take advantage of our Summer Internship Programme. We are looking for dynamic and interesting micro, small or medium sized enterprises to host students and graduates to get them ready for the workplace.


The internship will run for 8-12 weeks over the summer and is free of charge to you (we pay the intern a tax-free training allowance) although you will pay a small fee to attend a recruitment fair and for any additional costs incurred such as travel to client visits, conferences, etc. that you require of the intern.

The key aim is to provide the intern with ‘hands on’ worthwhile work experience that will show them what it is like to run a business or work for a smaller enterprise. You get to interview and select an intern with the skills or academic knowledge you require to help develop your business.

How to apply

Submit an expression of interest by March 14th, 2014 to attend a recruitment fair; we will be looking for companies who can demonstrate the following:

  • Appropriate, steady workspace in an office environment (not a home office or hot desk)
  • Mentorship/shadowing experience that exposes the student to all aspects of running a business
  • Opportunity for the student to grow and learn

Attend one of four sector-based recruitment fairs at UCL in late March (2pm – 5pm). The dates are set for Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Thursday 27th, and Monday 31st March. You will be assigned a date to come that is relevant to your sector so in the meantime, please keep all 4 dates free. You will be charged a nominal fee to attend based on your company size:

  • Up to 10 people: £100
  • Up to 50 people: £200
  • Up to 250 people: £300

At the fair, decide with which students you wish to follow up. After interviewing and selecting an intern, develop a proposal with your intended intern for the internship placement (student’s role, learning opportunities and start and finish dates) and submit to by April 25th, 2014. Make sure to specify whether you prefer an 8-week internship or a Santander-funded 12-week internship; please note that there is no guarantee you will be given a 12-week placement. Funding is limited and allocated based on the quality of the proposal submitted.

(Note: internships must start on or after June 16th, 2014 and must end on or before September 19th, 2014)