8th to 10th May 2013

About the workshop

It goes without saying that good negotiation and bargaining skills can be learned – and this is where our interactive Programme can help those delegates at all levels improve their chances of successful outcomes.
Group exercises and review will be used to good effect to help change behaviour and shape and mould approaches during this 2 day Programme. Self assessment and awareness will be key during the Programme.

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Who should attend?

This Programme is ideal for those that would like to gain a greater insight and understanding into how to better prepare and conduct professional and successful negotiations. Students of all levels, employees, business owners and entrepreneurs will be exposed to discussion and practical exercises that will challenge their approach, introduce new learning and techniques and build on any existing skills. This will allow participants to form a strong foundation for negotiating and bargaining in the real world.

About the Course Presenter

This course is taught by an external training provider, Clemorton:

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