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UCL Advances Summer Programme 2013

Entry for all the events that were part of the UCL Advances Summer Programme 2013 have now closed. Information about the UCL Advances Summer Programme 2014 to follow shortly.

Learn skills - put them into practice

Want to start a business?

Want an internship?

Need business experience?


Then your summer starts here… with the UCL ADVANCES SUMMER PROGRAMME!

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Summer Projects

For those that need experience


For those with their own
business ideas

Key Skills Workshops

UCL Advances will be offering students the chance to sign up for Summer Workshops. There are sessions for all levels of business knowledge and ambition, covering a wide range of topics. These will give you the chance to learn skills, develop yourself and help give you an edge when you head off to the world of work. These will be targeted at:


Summer Programme


8th to 10th May 2013
It goes without saying that good negotiation and bargaining skills can be learned – and this is where our interactive Programme can help those delegates at all levels improve their chances of successful outcomes.

Lady giving a presentation

Presentation Skills

14th May 2013
You will learn how to present or pitch your idea to an audience with poise and confidence. This is a very interactive programme that will enable all participants to have a share and make a presentation.

Marketing brainstorm

Entrepreneurial Marketing

17th, 20th and 21st May 2013
The tools and insights from this 3-day course can enhance existing marketing programmes to deal with increasing budgetary constraints and the vital need to get across new social media technologies, platforms and technique.


Communication Skills

23rd May 2013
You will explore many aspects of effective and professional communication during this workshop and participants will leave better equipped with tools and techniques to become more effective with this complex skillset.


Time and Stress Management

24th May 2013
Do you ever have days when you're busy but not productive? Do you ever seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work? Are you sometimes finding it difficult to de-stress or make headway against the tide of tasks that you face? Then this is the workshop for you.

Summer Programme

Enterprise Boot Camp

29th to 31st May 2013 or 24th to 26th June 2013
The course will look to introduce participants to the fundamentals of the modern business world. Nevertheless, if you complete all three days, UCL Advances will issue a certificate to mark your achievements - an additional benefit to enhance your CV!


Managing Change

29th to 31st May 2013
This course will build your experience and understanding of the many faces of change, equipping you to plan for and cope with change and its implications in today’s dynamic and fast paced environment.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

4th June 2013
This course will build your experience and understanding of the many faces of change, equipping you to plan for and cope with change and its implications in today’s dynamic and fast paced environment.


Entrepreneurial Finance

6th to 12th June 2013 (excl. weekend)
The Entrepreneurial Finance programme is designed for anybody who is intending or even just interested in becoming an entrepreneur by setting up their own business. It would also be of value to individuals who are interested in becoming investors in another group’s entrepreneurial endeavour.

bar chart

Sales Workshop

13th to 14th June 2013
This course will give you the advantage that you seek— whether you are an individual new to selling and its concepts or an old hand refining and improving their selling techniques

Summer Programme

Leadership & Management: Free for UG/PG Students only

20th, 21st and 24th June 2013
What is the difference between leadership and management? Good leadership is crucial to any successful business. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop their leadership potential if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership. 

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

8th to 10th July 2013
This programme is ideal for those new to social enterprise or those seeking to better understand and grow existing social enterprises.


Introduction to Business Law

10th to 12th July 2013
This course is designed for anybody who is interested in or already has their own small company and would like to understand basic practical legal issues when owning a business.

Managing a team

Managing Team & Self: Training for Researchers and Postgraduates

12th July 2013
The course will be beneficial to those within Research roles, or postgraduate students who would like to pursue or are already on a management development career pathway either newly appointed to a supervisory/management position or who will expect to be in a supervisory/management position within the near future.


Assertiveness and dealing with conflict

15th July 2013
You will examine situations likely to cause conflict. Understanding individual and group conflict and applying models for dealing with conflict effectively. You will uncover the role of the mediator in conflict situations with practical exercises to cement understanding.

Problem solving

Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving

16th July 2013
The ability to look at things differently and to generate solutions to problems is a key attribute for any employee or individual. Your ability to problem solve may well determine future success. You will explore ways to help you overcome common barriers to innovative thinking and explore creativity in a professional capacity.


Business man with an idea

Introduction to Intellectual Property

31st May 2013
This course is a whirlwind tour of Intellectual Property, with a particular focus on patents. You will learn about the requirements for patentability, including novelty and inventive step.


Communicating Science to Business: How to become a More Confident and Effective Networker

5th June 2013
The workshop focuses on networking and business development skills - in particular how to 'work' a roomful of people. We will de-mystify the process of networking and will help you to relish every roomful of people as a roomful of potential future collaborators and contacts.

Software Cycle

Scrum for Start-ups - helping business people say what they need, and developers say how this need can be solved

24th June 2013
After attending this workshop you will understand how to specify a software project as well as gaining skills in prioritising, estimating and planning.

Business presentation

Communicating Science to Business: Presenting to Business

26th June 2013
The aim of the workshop is to help you to communicate your research to business. You will need to bring along with you a prepared presentation, for your own use (paper handout, AV will not be used or available).

Hand shake

Communicating Science to Business: Engage with Business

3rd July 2013
The aim of the workshop is to enable you to plan and structure your conversations with businesses more effectively and strategically - and thus build up better relationships with potential research sponsors.


mobile phone

Mobile Academy

23rd April – 2nd July 2013, Tuesday & Thursdays
The Mobile Academy is a 10 week / 36 hour evening master class for anyone keen to start or continue their journey in mobile innovation.

business woman

Dynamic Leadership

15th to 17th May 2013
The Dynamic Leadership Programme (DLP) is ideal for more experienced individuals with a thorough grounding in leading others, or those who have completed the existing UCL Advances Leadership and Management Programme.

Summer Projects

The Summer Projects will enable you to take learning from the workshops and put it in to practice. These will allow small teams of students to collaborate on developing business solutions, new ventures and other ideas with practical support in order to put into practice what you have learnt and gather real experience.

Summer Programme

Student Internship Programme

Especially designed to help students gain real-life workplace experience and entrepreneurial skills, and back by popular demand, UCL Advances (UCL’s centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction) is re-launching their business support initiative called ‘SIP’ (the UCL Student Internship Programme)


Citrus Saturday

Citrus Saturday offers school students the chance to establish their own business project over the summer. Volunteers are needed to act as a ‘business mentors’ in the run-up to Citrus Saturday and as chaperones on Citrus Saturday.

Balloon Kenya

Balloon Kenya

UCL Advances is sponsoring 10 students to go to Kenya this summer for 6 weeks with Balloon Kenya to learn about enterprise, work with and help train Kenyan counterparts to start businesses, and to help them pitch for investment.

Summer Programme

Introduction to Consultancy

This workshop is an introduction to professional business and management consultancy. The workshop will include an overview of how consulting assignments are structured; key tasks and responsibilities; the varying natures of different consulting firms; examples of typical projects and common pitfalls.

Student Consultancy

SME Student Consultancy Projects

Teams of volunteer UCL and LBS students (with the help of an advisor) get paired with businesses to deliver short-term consultancy projects. A typical team of 4-6 students from diverse academic backgrounds will usually deliver a project within 8-12 weeks (from the first client meeting with the student team).


Summer Programme

E-Challenge 2013

The London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (E-Challenge), the longest running workshop programme and business plan competition now in its 11th year, is your chance to start up a business this summer.

This 10 week programme will take entrepreneurs with real business ideas from concept to reality.
If you are interested in taking part please email advances@ucl.ac.uk


  • The Summer Programme is open to all UCL students at all levels (UG, PG, PhD) although please note that CPD courses are not open to undergraduates.
  • Places are limited and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, unless otherwise stated.
  • You can sign up for just one, or as many as you like, as long as the times do not clash.
  • Most of the workshops are free, although there are a few of the most intensive sessions where you will need to pay.
  • You will be charged a fee if you sign up and don't attend - see terms and conditions.
  • All participants who complete all days of a workshop will receive a certificate to show attendance to future employers.

    Please note there will be no catering provided for the UCL Advances Summer Programme.