How to do cold calling to book meetings and get initial sales workshop

Thursday July 26th 2012, 10am to 12pm, Venue: UCL Euston (to be confirmed on registration)


Researchers are generally good at knowing who, in business, they need to talk to but less good at being able to pick up the phone and get the immediate attention of that person. The opening few seconds of a conversation can often be decisive – and sometimes you don't even get that far due to personal assistant and other blockers. The fear of rejection and losing credibility that causes us to steer clear of 'cold-calling' even though we know that this is what's needed if we are going to get that all-important follow-up meeting.

Who should attend:

The course should be aimed at all those:

  • Who have a business development or other 'boundary-spanning' role in the university.
  • Those researchers who want to develop links with businesses.
  • Businesses who want to expand their customer base through cold-calling.

About the workshop and the course presenter:

This workshop sets out how to cold-call with confidence and integrity. We teach techniques for getting past organisational 'blockers' and structuring your opening sentences in a way that engages the interest of those you're hoping to meet. The course is led by Andy Preston who draws on many years of personal experience of cold-calling in a wide range of contexts and who now trains and consults widely in the area".

How do I register?

Participation is free but places are limited to 32 people.

If this this workshop is fully booked, please contact UCL Advances (, and your name will be added to the waiting list.