Enterprise Boot Camp Testimonials

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''The single most engaging and insightful workshop I have attended in my 6 years at UCL.''
Student, June 2012

''It was an eye-widening experience which helped prepare me for my upcoming interviews and also inspired me to start my own company.'' - Student, June 2012

''Such a new and refreshing way to learn about business and finance. I felt that the course enlightened me while also filling me with confidence about my own future steps. The presenters were really entertaining presented well so that there was never a dull moment!''
Student, June 2012

''All the professors were highly engaged and enthusiastic about what they were teaching and it was so great. They helped me be interested in things that I tend to find rather dry, so job well done! Students from all disciplines would benefit greatly from this workshop, as business is a part of all of our lives.''
Student, June 2012

''…Although it was only three days, the amount of information that I gained far surpassed my expectations. The workshop was intense, but carefully scheduled and administered in such a light hearted manner that kept me engaged and alert at all times! Truly inspiring, and gave me a sense that anything is possible with proper strategy, hard work, team efforts and confidence.
"I hope you enjoyed giving the course as much as your attendees enjoyed receiving it."
Pragna Kiri, Chemistry UG Student, Nov 2010 Boot Camp.

"I attended your UCL Advances Enterprise Boot camp this week and found it an excellent endeavour to enhance my business skills, the course was highly informative and useful, I would like to extend my vote of thanks for it."
Huma Irfan, UCL Student, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, Nov 2010 Boot Camp.