UCL DECIDE for business


UCL Decide is the world’s largest ‘living lab’ for digital and media projects.

At UCL Decide, you’ll get comprehensive support for beta trials, user testing and in-the-wild research. Because we know that successful start-ups grow by learning.

UCL Decide helps Europe’s top entrepreneurs realize their goals by providing a first-class business support programme and working environment. At Decide, you’ll have access to in-house specialists, serial entrepreneurs, technology industry evangelists and dedicated services to help you with product development, iteration and launch.

Among UCL Decide’s services for business are:


Entrepreneurs take part in a full-sprint cycle program with access to a wide range of services to help them realise the necessary iterations of their businesses.

Device Lab

Trial your product on different devices, platforms, OS versions and screen sizes to make sure it works for everyone, everywhere.

User Experience Lab

Rent a space to conduct usability testing, and get a free User Experience consultation session with our expert in-house User Experience Consultants.

For more information visit the UCL DECIDE website or email decide@ucl.ac.uk