DECIDE for Business


Helping you validate your business, with services to accelerate the journey from idea to market launch.

We offer digital businesses user experience consultations, cross-device testing, and large-scale beta testing with detailed use analytics, enabling businesses to make decisions that are evidence based, customer focussed and commercially rewarding.

Learning Lab

CPD certified collaborative courses with industry experts to give you grounding in business, design, marketing and technology. They focus on specific markets currently including The Mobile Academy and The Games Quarter.

UX Lab

Polish your product with user experience and design consultancy, tailored trial design and user testing.

Device Lab

Test your product in London’s largest open device library - be sure it works across all the devices, platforms and operating systems that your customers might use.

App Lab

UCL’s exclusive app store for large-scale beta testing. Push your app out to UCL’s 35,000 staff and students to gather detailed use analytics, use these to learn and iterate with the help of our UX Consultants, and connect directly with users hoping to become your App Ambassadors. Find out more about App Lab.

UCL DECIDE provides it’s services free to startups and SMEs, if you don’t fall into these categories and want to use our services please contact us.

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To find out more get in touch via or @UCLdecide