Design, make and sell your innovative products in a weekend of entrepreneurial brainstorming for creatives and entrepreneurs.

UCREATE – a perfect chance for you to combine creativity with enterprise.

Working to a design brief, UCREATE participants brainstorm, research and pitch their concepts over 48 hours. Successful teams get the opportunity to take their designs to the next level – from manufacture to launch to market.

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How does it work? You’re placed in teams and given a design brief. Over two days, teams will brainstorm, research and pitch concepts. All teams have an opportunity to pitch a prototype of their product two weeks later, but only some teams will be selected to take their designs to the next level – manufacture and launch to market.

We bring arts and academic students together from across London to work together in teams to design and produce their own range of projects.

Design Make Sell puts your ideas to the ultimate test – how much would a stranger be willing to pay for your team’s product?

The challenge is open to students from the following universities:

  • UCL
  • Ravensbourne
  • SOAS
  • University Arts London
  • Goldsmiths
  • London Business School
  • LSE
  • Westminster
  • London Met

What you’ll get: 

• Applied creativity • Confidence • Friends • An understanding of enterprise and working for yourself • Experience the thrill of taking money for something you’ve made

So if you’ve got a can do attitude or want one, if you’re enterprising or want to give it a shot, if you want the thrill of selling something you8’ve made: sign up for UCREATE

DESIGN, RESEARCH & CREATE. Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th June 2015.
DESIGN: PROTOTYPE, TEST & SELECT. Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th June 2015.
MAKE & PRODUCE. Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st June 2015.
SELL. Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th June 2015.
CELEBRATE. Monday 28th June 2015

“Having previously worked at a toy design company, I've gained a new perspective on the complexities of product design, as well as an appreciation for the teamwork it takes to create a successful product. Hence, the concept of making and selling a brand-new idea on a tight deadline appeals to me in both its simplicity and its creative potential. I look forward to working with my team to come up with something both elegant and functional.”

“I am an individual who is inspired by entrepreneurial activity and this motivates me to participate in ventures that I think will develop my skills and amplify my abilities. I think that taking part in UCREATE will test my creative and managerial skills in a medium that simulates real life business operation that most university coursework lacks. Ultimately, I wish to come out of this programme with a prototype or blueprint for a conventional consumer product, and if not then I would have gained a better understanding of business operations.”

Sign up for UCREATE. For more information visit the UCREATE website