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A bridge between SMEs and universities, helping them productively collaborate for commercial and societal benefit. 

Open up a world of opportunities for SMEs with London universities. 

OpenSME is a fantastic bridge between SMEs and universities, acting as a central point of communication between them. It helps identify opportunities for small to medium enterprises to productively engage with London universities for commercial and societal benefit. 

The opportunities for SMEs are with UCL and its partner universities Birkbeck, SOAS, the Royal Veterinary College, the University of the Arts London, London Business School and City University. This is set to expand to include more universities in the future. The opportunities include: 

  • Problem-solving: if you need additional business support or access to technologies to develop your business, universities can help out. 
  • People and skills: if you need access to potential employees with specialist skills and knowledge, or to training that will help grow your business, universities are perfectly placed to help you. 
  • Research and Partnering: if you need to address sector-specific issues, the research and partnering opportunities available in universities can help out. 
  • Tenders and Opportunities: universities can provide procurement contract opportunities for lots of different types of business.
  • Equipment and Facilities: universities have access to specialist equipment and facilities, such as technical services and incubator space, that can be helpful to companies 

There are many more opportunities for SMEs to collaborate and work with universities.

Visit the OpenSME website to find out more.