Communicating Science to Business

Communicating Science to Business is a three-part mini-course that gives you the skills and knowledge you need to convey your key research messages to business audiences.

How can you maximise the benefits when you present academic research to business audiences?

Communicating Science to Business is a three-part mini-course that prepares academics and PhD students for presenting their research to business audiences with confidence and clarity.

A CPD Certificate is available to participants who have attended three workshops in the same academic year.

How to Engage with Business

24 May 2016, 14:00 - 16:30

The aim of the workshop is to enable you to plan and structure your conversations with businesses more effectively and strategically - and thus build up better relationships with potential research sponsors.

This workshop is for Academics and PG students who want to engage with businesses in order to develop research collaborations or support. The workshop is aimed at those who have had some experience of interacting with businesses - it's not designed for those who already work extensively with businesses.

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How to become a more Confident and Effective Networker

1 June 2016, 12:30 - 17:00

In today's highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more business opportunities than the average. 99% of people dread this vital activity; this session will help you overcome all your fears and concerns.  The workshop focuses on networking and business development skills - in particular how to 'work' a roomful of people.

We will de-mystify the process of networking and will help you to relish every roomful of people as a roomful of potential future collaborators and contacts.  This workshop is for UCL staff and PhD students who are interested in learning how to make the most of networking opportunities with potential business, investor, researcher or other collaboration partner.

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Presenting to Business

8 June 2016, 12:30 - 14:30 and 15:00 - 17:00

The aim of the workshop is to help you to communicate your research to business. You will need to bring along with you a prepared presentation, for your own use (paper handout, AV will not be used or available).

Alan will ask you to start presenting and will then ask you questions about what you are trying to achieve, if you think your presentation does this. He will tell you where you are going wrong and right. You should be prepared to expect a hard time, the end result, however, will be worth it.  This workshop is for UCL academics and PhD students working on research projects with potential commercial viability.

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