CleanTech Challenge

The CleanTech challenge is a global competition for innovative clean technology business ideas.

Clean tech innovation is crucial to the planet’s future. Have you got a business idea to develop that could make a difference?

The CleanTech Challenge, run by UCL in partnership with the London Business School, is a global competition for innovative clean technology business ideas.

Clean Tech

It brings together students from around the world to help them develop their business ideas in a 3-stage competition that offers them the chance to win a £10,000 prize.

Launched in 2009, the Challenge begins with submitting your idea for a new green business. The most viable start-ups will be invited to a 2-day bootcamp where you’ll be mentored by industry experts from the cleantech and entrepreneurial sectors. Your business concepts will be judged by experts – and while the winners will go on to receive £10,000, all participants will gain great opportunities to network, receive guidance, feedback and mentoring, and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills while addressing environmental challenges.

You’ll also get to be part of a multi-disciplinary team, join a global network of engineering and business students, and contribute to a sector that’s of vital importance.

Previous winning concepts include ‘Urban Solar Panels’, solar panels that are specifically engineered to be easily integrated into an urban environment – an innovation that came from a team from Holland’s University of Delf. There’s also wind turbines specially designed for low-speed winds, solar powered bicycle networks, an aerosol control technology that reduces particulate emissions from diesel engines, and an innovative idea to improve the efficiency of solar cells using nanostructures.

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