China UK Challenge

A Challenge that encourages joint business ventures between China and the UK, giving entrepreneurs unique cross-country opportunities.

Do you have a great idea for a business that links the UK with China? Fancy a share of £5,000, free expert advice and global contacts?

China UK Challenge

China, the new powerhouse of the global economy, has a special relationship with the UK – the Financial Times says that UK businesses have invested in more than 6,000 projects in China, at a total of over £8bn. The UK is also the biggest recipient of Chinese foreign direct investment in Europe, capturing 11 percent of the total.

The China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge has been developed by leading universities in the UK and China to bring together existing businesses and new student-led start-ups. It was created to encourage business ventures between China and the UK and to give entrepreneurs unique access to early-stage funding from investors and venture capital firms.

China UK Challenge

Providing a great platform for international entrepreneurs to build on pre-existing commercial relationships between the UK and China, it helps young entrepreneurs exploit market opportunities through new business collaborations.

Participants in the challenge get an opportunity to polish their business plans and attract potential investors. Open to university teams of both students and post-docs in the UK and China, the Challenge is a collaboration between Lancaster University, University College London, the University of York, Queen’s University of Belfast and China Innovation and Development Association UK.

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