Be a Business Mentor

Help ambitious entrepreneurs realise their vision through business mentoring.

If you’re looking for a rewarding, hands-on way to make a huge difference, consider becoming a business mentor.

We help London-based businesses grow by connecting them with industry mentors who can answer their individual business needs.

What is a mentor?

There are numerous paths mentoring can follow. The UCL Advances mentoring scheme is designed to be flexible so that each mentor and business match can work out what suits them. The only set framework for the relationship is that, as a mentor, you guide and advise your mentee with any business issues they might be facing.

How does the mentorship work? Mentors are expected to provide 12 hours of business support – but we encourage you to continue mentoring beyond this if the relationship is mutually beneficial and fulfilling.

After the 12 hours, you’ll have more flexibility to negotiate new arrangements with the mentee – such as taking on equity, investing, becoming an official advisor to the company, etc (though you will be asked to disclose such intentions/hopes at the beginning of the mentorship). The UCL Advances scheme is for the mutual benefit of both sides and there is no obligation on either party to commit to anything outside their comfort zone.

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