Leadership Skills - Career Development Training for UCL PhD Researchers

08 May - 26 June 2014

Eight 2-hour sessions every Thursday, 12-2pm


Run in partnership with UCL Advances and the UCL Graduate School, is fully-funded programme represents a unique opportunity for a UCL PhD Researcher to begin to build a bank of transferable business-related skills that can facilitate their career development both in academia and beyond.

The course will take a select group of PhD Researchers through the theories and models of leadership and challenge them to critically discuss what makes a good leader in a diversity of roles.

Each weekly 2-hour session will be guided by an experienced facilitator, helping participants to build on their understanding of what it means to lead, what issues leaders face and the frameworks and toolkits that all good leaders require.
Participants will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from a number of guest speakers who are established and successful leaders within academia:

  • International Research Group Leader
  • A University Spin-out Manager
  • A Faculty Dean
  • UCL’s Provost

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Please note, to be considered you need the support of your academic supervisor.