UCL Advances

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UCL Advances

T: 020 3108 3278
E: advances@ucl.ac.uk

Executive Staff
Name Position Contact Information
Timothy Barnes
Director of UCL Enterprise Operations and UCL Advances
T: 020 3108 3282
E: t.barnes@ucl.ac.uk
Timothy Barnes
Gurpreet Jagpal
Deputy Director of UCL Advances T: 020 7679 7520
E: g.jagpal@ucl.ac.uk
Gurpreet Jagpal
Shauna Kearney
Personal Assistant to Director of Enterprise Operations
T: 020 3108 3283
E: s.kearney@ucl.ac.uk
Deepa Visavadia
Departmental Administrator
T: 020 3108 3280
E: d.visavadia@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen Dabson
Finance Administrator
T: 020 3108 3279
E: s.dabson@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen Dabson
Helen Anderson
Admin & Finance Assistant
T: 020 3108 3278
Dipika Patel Admin & Finance Assistant
T: 020 3108 9336
E: dipika.d.patel@ucl.ac.uk
Wendy Tester
Events Manager
T: 020 3108 3284
E: w.tester@ucl.ac.uk
Wendy Tester
Georgina Whitehead
Events and Marketing Manager, GCEC Conference
E: g.whitehead@ucl.ac.uk Georgina_Whitehead_01_1_100x100.jpg
Krista Macmillan
Enterprise Data & Systems Manager
T: 020 3108 3285
E: k.macmillan@ucl.ac.uk
Melissa Lamptey
Multimedia and Web Assistant T: 020 7679 4887
E: m.lamptey@ucl.ac.uk
Oliver Pinch
Training Manager
T: 020 7679 4518
E: oli.pinch@ucl.ac.uk
Oli Pinch
Natalie Scanlon
Training Assistant
T: 020 7679 7494
E: n.scanlon@ucl.ac.uk
Fiona Bell 
Training Coordinator
T: 020 7679 7471
Fiona Bell
Ruth Davis
Business Support Manager
T: 020 3108 3288
E: ruth.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Nicolas Ulloa Olguin
Business Support Officer T: 020 7679 5327
E: nicolas.olguin.10@ucl.ac.uk
Tayler Eaton
Business Support Officer
T: 020 7679 8659
E: t.eaton@ucl.ac.uk
Tayler Eaton
Joshua Oliver
Business Support Officer
T: 0203 7679 4880
E: joshua.oliver@ucl.ac.uk
Joshua Oliver
Lillian Shapiro Student Business Advisor T: 020 7679 7544
E: l.shapiro@ucl.ac.uk
Sherece Rainford
Student Business Advisor
T: 020 7679 4879
E: s.rainford@ucl.ac.uk
Christian Rayner
Student Business Advisor
T: 020 3108 5224
E: christian.rayner@ucl.ac.uk
Claire Arbon
Knowledge Transfer Partnership Manager
T: 020 3108 3290
E: c.arbon@ucl.ac.uk
Gabriella Coates
Knowledge Transfer Officer
T: 020 7679 9495
Gabriella Coates
Madalina Nazare
Open Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network Manager
T: 020 7679 4892
E: m.nazare@ucl.ac.uk
Madalina Nazare
Meera Gohil
EU Projects Admin & Finance Assistant - Enterprise Europe Network
T: 020 3108 3277
E: m.gohil@ucl.ac.uk
Meera Gohil
Henry Rummins
Media Relations Manager (Enterprise)
T: 020 7679 9063
E: h.rummins@ucl.ac.uk
Jack Wratten
Citrus Saturday Manager
T: 020 7679 4599
E: j.wratten@ucl.ac.uk
Jack Wratten
Samantha Vanderslott
Lead Researcher for INTER-CEP E: s.vanderslott.12@ucl.ac.uk  
Alastair Moore
DECIDE Project Lead 
T: 020 3108 9307
E: a.moore@cs.ucl.ac.uk
Carly Newman
DECIDE Programme Manager 
E: c.newman@ucl.ac.uk Carly Newman
Kishan Gupta
DECIDE Technical Project Assistant
E: kishan.gupta@ucl.ac.uk
Kishan Gupta
Daniel Fozzati
DECIDE User Experience Services Lead
E: daniel.fozzati@ucl.ac.uk
Alexandra Douglass-Bonner 
DECIDE User Experience Services Assistant
E: a.douglassbonner@ucl.ac.uk
Gagan Malik
DECIDE User Experience Service Assistant
E: gagan.malik@ucl.ac.uk
Niall Roche
DECIDE Technical Services Co-ordinator E: n.roche@ucl.ac.uk
Marta Dul
DECIDE Administration and Finance Assistant
E: m.dul@ucl.ac.uk  

Knowledge Exchange Associates
Name Position Contact Information  
Bridget Coleman
Knowledge Exchange Associate  E: bridget.coleman@nhs.net
Bridget Coleman
Fabian Neuhaus
Knowledge Exchange Associate  E: fabian.neuhaus@ucl.ac.uk
Fabian Neuhaus
Marina Chang
Knowledge Exchange Associate
E: marina.chang.09@ucl.ac.uk
Jason Drummond
Knowledge Exchange Associate
E: J.Drummond@cs.ucl.ac.uk
Jason Drummond
Tyng-Rong Roan
Knowledge Exchange Associate
E: t.roan@ucl.ac.uk

Associate Staff
Name Position Contact Information
Stephen Caddick
Vice-Provost (Enterprise) T: 020 7679 7538
F: 020 3108 5072
E: VPEnterprise@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Stephen Caddick
Dave Chapman
Deputy Head of Department, MS&I T: 020 7679 0441
E: d.chapman@ucl.ac.uk
Dave Chapman
Jeff Skinner
Associate Staff Member E: jskinner@london.edu Jeff Skinner
Dan Brown
Entrepreneur in Residence E: d.brown@cs.ucl.ac.uk Dan Brown
Yasuo Kozato
Honorary Research Fellow E: y.kozato@ucl.ac.uk Yasuo Kozato
Abdul Rahim Associate Staff Member

T: 020 7687 2020

Abdul Rahim
John Spindler
CEO of Capital Enterprise
E: john@capitalenterprise.org John Spindler
Robert Ian Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneur in Residence E: rob@foundercentric.com
Robert Ian Fitzpatrick
Devin Grey Hunt
Entrepreneur in Residence
E: devin@foundercentric.com Devin Grey Hunt
Jordan Paul Schlipf
Entrepreneur in Residence
E: jordan@foundercentric.com Jordan Paul Schlipf
Salim Virani
Entrepreneur in Residence E: salim@foundercentric.com
Salim Virani
Nasir Zubairi
Entrepreneur in Residence E: nasir@newbuckland.com Nasir Zubairi

Board Members

Advisory & Academic Board Members