Taster Modules and Short Courses for CPD

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The Institute of Child Health (ICH) has offered a selection of postgraduate modules as short and taster courses for several years.

Short courses are aimed at candidates seeking non-credited continued professional development (CPD) for which they receive a certificate of attendance, upon successful completion of the module(s).

Taster courses provide an excellent method of giving health professionals the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills whilst earning UCL credits. Upon successful completion of the module(s) these credits can then be banked and transferred to a UCL MSc, postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate within the given time frame.

What are the differences between Taster modules and Short courses?

Participants who successfully complete a short course at ICH receive a certificate of attendance, but they are not assessed and do not receive UCL credit.

Participants who successfully complete an ICH taster course are assessed and can gain UCL credit when they register for a full UCL postgraduate programme. They can also request a certificate of attendance if they so wish. Taster students wishing to convert credits earned at UCL to a Certificate, Diploma or Degree programme through ‘Accreditation of Prior Learning’ must apply within 5 academic years of taking the taster module.

Short and taster course participants complete separate application forms. There is also a difference in fees between the two.
When applying, please allow approximately 2 weeks for your application to be considered and for a response to be sent out.


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