MSc / PG Diploma / PG Certificate in Physiotherapy Studies: Cardiorespiratory


Physiotherapy students graduating from Diploma and BSc courses have a wide knowledge of biomedical sciences allied to clinical skills but after some years of clinical work often wish to extend their understanding of key areas, both in terms of basic understanding of conditions, and in developing better treatments. The philosophy of this course is to integrate the clinical and academic components with the emphasis upon the management of patients with cardiorespiratory disorders. Some flexibility in selection of courses allows for physiotherapists with particular interests to be accommodated. In addition, the course provides a thorough introduction to research through a taught course on research methods, carrying out a literature review, and conducting and writing up a project. This modular programme aims to produce postgraduate students with a sound knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of the specialist area of Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and the necessary skills to undertake research in this field. 

Some modules may be available as short courses, which can be undertaken as discrete units for CPD, or as ‘Taster’ modules which, if assessed, may later be used towards completion of the full MSc or Diploma at UCL.


The course is organised as a series of taught modules.

  • MSc: modules earning a total of 180 credits must be passed including the research project and dissertation
  • PG Diploma: a total of 120 credits are required (the course structure is the same as the MSc but Diploma students do not do the research project and dissertation)
  • PG Certificate: students are required to achieve 60 credits

For full-time MSc and Diploma students, the course lasts for 1 calendar year. Part time students can complete the course over a maximum of 5 years. The time commitment for the PG Certificate is approximately 7 weeks.

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