Research Project - Dissertation

The Research Project is the largest single component of the MSc, contributing one third of the credits. This is a key component that distinguishes the MSc from the Diploma. The aim of this piece of work is to demonstrate the skills students have learnt on the course. Specifically this will entail asking a good research question, selecting appropriate methods to answer that question (with respect to population, interventions and outcomes), managing and analysing data appropriately, making valid inferences from results and expressing the findings clearly and logically

MSc students in Advanced Physiotherapy are expected to submit a dissertation and students will be supported in:

  • Practicalities of research
  • Developing a critical approach to the research of others
  • Self-directed research and project design
  • Writing a literature review
  • Research ethics committee applications
  • conducting independent research
  • dissertation structure and preparing a professional dissertation
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • Generating data for possible publication in a peer-reviewed journal, or a poster presentation at a relevant conference
  • Working with others (supervisors, peers, parents, patients)


  • This module is assessed by the Research project dissertation and viva
  • The dissertation and viva are each assessed by two independent examiners
  • The pass mark is 50%, distinctions are 70% and above. It is worth noting that a distinction cannot be awarded for the MSc as a whole if the project mark is below 70%
  • If the dissertation fails to reach the required standard or there is plagiarism, then there will be the option to: rewrite and resubmit with corrections/amendments, or change to a different project

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