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Services System

The UCL Services System enables Departmental Administrators and other departmental staff, as nominated by the Head of Department, to request and revoke access to UCL services for members of their department including staff, visitors and, where appropriate, students.

Systems briefly unavailable Wednesday 30th October

Due important database maintenance, the Services System and Computer Reps Tools will be unavailable from 8am to 8:30am on Wednesday 30th October.

Services System on services@UCL

The Services System can be found on services@UCL.

services@UCL is a new site with information about and access to various UCL services, including HR, Finance, Estates, Research and ISD systems, and information about them. services@UCL will shortly be replacing these launch pages.

Visit the services@UCL page for the UCL Services System.

Note: Don't be confused by the names - the new portal doesn't replace the Services System, it's just a different way to access UCL systems, including the Services System.



Guidance: Information on visitor types, available services, eligibility, and service providers is available on the guidance pages.




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