Find UPI

The Find UPI tool has been upgraded and moved to new servers.The old version of the application will be decommissioned at the end of August 2014.

You can find the new version via the services@UCL gateway: or by using the "New Version!" link below. Please bookmark the new location.

If you have any problems with the new version, contact

Find UPI is a simple tool for looking up UPI information - either to find a UPI for a person or to check person details and entitlements from a UPI.

Access to Find UPI is restricted and is only available to staff who have an operational need to use the information (usually for checking and diagnosing errors when data is transferred between systems using UPI data).

Services at UCL Logo You can now access UCL Administrative Systems from the services@UCL gateway application.
Remember to update your bookmarks as the old Admin Systems launch pages will soon be turned off.






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