FAMIS is a fully integrated suite of enterprise facilities management software modules, run by Management Systems on behlf of the Estates and Facilities Division. FAMIS is used for the management of space, capital projects, assets, maintenance and operations.

Services at UCL Logo You can now access UCL Administrative Systems from the services@UCL gateway application.
Visit: www.ucl.ac.uk/services
Remember to update your bookmarks as the old Admin Systems launch pages will soon be turned off.



When logging into FAMIS, you may get a warning 'Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern. Block potentially unsafe components from being run?'. Click 'no'.

The window will hang - come out of this by going to Task Manager and ending task.

Then go to your Control Panel

  • double click on the Java icon
  • click on the Advanced tab
  • click on Security and then Mixed code
  • click the radio button 'Enable - hide warnings and run with protections'.




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