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The Italy Lectures, 2008-9

October 21st 2008 (ICS, Senate House, North Block, Room N336)
Dr Vedia Izzet, University of Southampton.
New approaches to Etruscan cities: the case of Spina.

November 4th 2008 (IoA, Gordon Square, G6)
Dr Claudio Giardino, University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa
From natural resources to cultural commodities: metal technology in the Central and Southern Italian Copper Age

December 9th 2008  (Anniversary Lecture at ICS, Senate House, North Block, Room N336)
Prof Martin Millett, University of Cambridge
Roman towns in central Italy: reflection on the role of geophysical survey

January 13th 2009 (ICS, Senate House, North Block, Room N336)
Dr John Patterson, Magdalene College, Cambridge
The City of Rome as Imperial Capital

February 17th 2009 (IoA, Gordon Square, G6)
Dr Peter Attema, University of Gröningen, Netherlands
Upland settlement archaeology in the hinterland of Sibaris

March 3rd 2009 (ICS, Senate House, North Block, Room N336)
Dr Gillian Shepherd, University of Birmingham
Interactions and identities: burial and elite society in archaic Sicily

May 5th 2009 (IoA, Gordon Square, G6)
Dr Marina Papa Sokal, UCL
Who 'owns' the Euphronios Krater?  nationalism and internationalism in the protection of archaeological heritage.

The Italy Lectures, 2005-6

November 8th
Dr Mark Pearce (University of Nottingham): Size matters! Perceiving value in the north Italian Bronze Age
Joint Lecture with the Institute of Archaeology

December 13th Accordia Anniversary Lecture
Dr Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum): Antony and Cleopatra on the Portland Vase?

January 24th
Dr Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni (University of Milan): The development of writing in early Etruria: recent work

February 14th
Professor Ken Thomas and Dr Marcello Mannino (Institute of Archaeology, UCL): Sea shells from the Sicilian shore:  investigating prehistoric human coastal ecology

March 7th
Professor Peter Wiseman (University of Exeter): The mute stones don’t speak: approaches to pre-literary Rome

May 2nd
Professor Cosimo Pagliara (University of Lecce): The Grotta della Poesia: writing on cave walls in south east Italy

The Italy Lectures, 2004-5

October 12th
Dr Gavin Kelly (University of Manchester):  When the Emperor comes to Rome imperial visits to Rome in late antiquity

November 9th
Dr Robert Leighton (University of Edinburgh):  Where are the houses? Recent work in the Sicilian Iron Age

December 14th Accordia Anniversary Lecture
Dr Ian Campbell (Edinburgh College of Art): The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657). Collecting prints and drawings in seventeenth-century Rome: the architectural drawings after the Antique of Pirro Ligorio (c. 1513-83)

January 18th
Dr Francesca Serra Ridgway:  Revisiting the Etruscan Underworld

February 15th
Dr Richard Miles (University of Cambridge): A Punic Empire? Carthaginian imperialism in Sicily and Sardinia revisited

March 8th
Dr Nick Vella (University of Malta):  The western Phoenicians without texts

May 3rd
Dr Sue Hamilton (Institute of Archaeology UCL): Phenomenology and Italian prehistory the Tavoliere-Gargano Project

The Italy Lectures, 2003-4

October 14th
Dr Sybille Haynes:  Between the Val di Chiana and the Val d'Orcia new excavations at La Foce near Chianciano

November 4th
Dr Simon Stoddart ( University of Cambridge): Etruscan state formation in a comparative perspective

December  9th
David Ridgway: The Italian Iron Age and Greece from Hellenisation to Interaction

January 20th
Dr Amanda Claridge ( RHUL): Of dubious antiquity fakes in Greek and Roman Sculpture

February 17th
Prof Rolf Michael Schneider (University of  Munich): War in Rome Visual Strategies of an Empire

March 9th
Professor Richard Beacham & Dr Hugh Denard (University of Warwick): Performing Pompeii the virtual worlds of ancient painting and theatre

May 4th Dr Paolo Biagi (University of Venice): The first farmers of northern Italy the Neolithisation of community

Accordia Research Seminars, 2005-6: New Perspectives on the Etruscans

Jan 25th:  Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni (Milan):  Writing choices in the Italian peninsula during the age of Tarquinius Priscus [5.00 p.m, Room 612, Institute of Archaeology]

Jan 31st: David Ridgway (ICS): From Nestor to Demaratus: the Hellenization of Etruria?

Feb. 7th:  John Penney (Oxford): The Etruscan language in its Italic context

Feb. 21st: Roman Roth (Cambridge):  Etruria without the Etruscans: a critique of the ethnocentricity of a discipline

Feb. 28th: Carrie Roth-Murray (Cambridge):  The construction of Etruscan power during the Orientalising and Archaic periods.

March 21st: Vedia Izzet (Cambridge):  Perspectives on Etruscan architecture

April 25: Francesca Ridgway (ICS):  Questions of Etruscan Painting

May 9: Simon Stoddart (Cambridge):  The Etruscan body.

Accordia Research Seminars, 2004-5:  Language, Literacy and Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean

January 25th:  Kathryn Lomas (UCL): Invoking Zeus. State, ritual and society in South-east Italy

February 1st: Graham Oliver (Liverpool): Self-recognition: Greek epigraphy and state identity

February 8th: Corinna Riva (Oxford): Inscriptions on Etruscan bucchero.  A form of gender identity?

February 22nd: Edward Herring (Galway):  Priestesses in Puglia?  An archaeological perspective on the Messapic tabara inscriptions.

March 1st: Zofia Archibald (Liverpool):  Language and the written word north and east of Mount Olympos: Macedon and Thrace in the second half of the first millennium BCE

March 22nd: Timo Sironen (Oulu):  The Identities and Literacy of the Sabellian Populations of Central and Southern Italy in the 5th-1st centuries BC

April  26th: Tim Cornell (ICS):  Language, literacy and identity in Cato’s Origines 

May 10th: Ruth Whitehouse (UCL):  Writing and identity in theory and practice: Italy in the 1st millennium BC

Accordia Research Seminars, 2003-4:  The Establishment of Literacy in State Societies: The Ancient Mediterranean

October 21st:  David Langslow (Manchester), 'Alphabets, spelling and punctuation in early pre-Roman Italy'

October 28th:  Alan Johnson (UCL), ‘Go West, young san! Aspects of early alphabetic diaspora and uses.’

November 18th:  Kathryn Lomas (UCL), ‘Writing and Reitia: the anatomy of literacy in NE Italy’

November 25th:  Alex Whitehead (Reading), ‘Samian tableware from NW Europe: graffiti in context’

December 2nd:  John Pearce (CSAD, Oxford), ‘The archaeology of  documents and writing materials: the distribution and role of literacy in the north-west provinces’

February 3rd:  Charlotte Roueché (KCL), ‘Signs and letters at Aphrodisias and Ephesus’

Feb. 10th:  Luca Zaghetto (Padua),  ‘Iconography and language: the missing link’

February 24th:  John Bennet (Oxford), ‘Who wrote in Linear B...and why? Reflections on literacy in the Mycenaean world’

March 2nd:  Ralph Haüssler (Worms) ‘Empire and Literacy in the Roman world’

March 23rd:  Tamar Hodos (Bristol), ‘Writing more than words in Iron Age Sicily’

April 27th:  Jonathan Powell (RHUL), ‘Oral versus written in Republican Roman legal procedure’

May 11th:  Lene Rubinstein (RHUL), ‘Writing and orality in Greek diplomacy’

May 18th:  Peter Haarer (CSAD, Oxford), ‘The implications for literacy of the use of Greek alphabetic writing on different media’

May 25th:  Alison Cooley (Warwick), ‘The publication of Roman official documents in the Greek East’