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Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean

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Literacy Kathryn Lomas, Ruth Whitehouse and John Wilkins (eds)
Literacy and the State in the Ancient Mediterranean
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 7
ISBN 978-1873415344
Price: £36 (Members £27)


Kathryn Lomas  Introduction: Literacy and the state in the ancient Mediterranean
Cary Martin  The Saite dynasty and the spread of Demotic in Egypt
Eleanor Robson  Numeracy, literacy and the state in early Mesopotamia
Ilse Schoep  The social and political context of Linear A writing on Crete
Flavia Carraro  The ‘Speaking Objects’ of Archaic Greece: Writing and Speech in the first complete alphabetic documents
David Langslow  Alphabets, spelling and punctuation in pre-Roman Italy
Ruth Whitehouse  Writing and identity in theory and practice in the 1st millennium BC 
Tamar Hodos  Writing more than Words in Iron Age Sicily
Edward Herring  Priestesses in Puglia? An archaeological perspective on the Messapic tabara inscriptions
Kathryn Lomas  Writing boundaries: Literacy and identity in the ancient Veneto
Luca Zaghetto  Iconography, Writing and Language: The Missing Link
Philip Milnes-Smith  “Lapidarias litteras scio”: literacy and inscribing communities in Roman Venetia
Alison Cooley  The publication of Roman official documents in the Greek East
Ralph Häussler and John Pearce  Towards an archaeology of literacy

Across Frontiers Edward Herring, Irene Lemos, Fulvia Lo Schiavo, Lucia Vagnetti, Ruth Whitehouse & John Wilkins (eds)
Across Frontiers. Papers in honour of David Ridgway and Francesca R. Serra Ridgway
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 6.  ISBN 1 873415 29 X


Ellen Macnamara   Introduction: An Appreciation
Maria Eugenia Aubet  Burial, symbols and mortuary practices in a Phoenician tomb
Nicolas Coldstream  Other peoples' pots: ceramic borrowing between the early Greeks and Levantines, in various Mediterranean contexts
Bruno d'Agostino  Funerary customs and society on Rhodes in the Geometric period: some observations
Alan Johnston  Swallow an Amazon? The case of Chania 295
Vassos Karageorghis  'Cypriote' styles beyond Cyprus: from the Late Bronze Age to the end of the Archaic period
Irene S. Lemos  A new figurine from Xeropolis at Lefkandi
Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood  A small pot with big ideas: imitating metalwork in Late Bronze Age Cyprus
Gocha R. Tsetskhladze  More finds of early Greek pottery in the Pontic hinterland
Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli  Pilgrim flasks dalla Sicilia
John Boardman  A group of Hellenising scarabs from Sardinia
Joseph Coleman Carter  A bronze mirror from Pantanello
Marina Castoldi  II riposo del guerriero. Riflessioni sulle raffigurazioni di giovani indigeni nella ceramografia apula
Juliette de La Geniere  Faut-il avoir peur des lezards?
Filippo Delpino  Tra sardegna nuragica ed etruria villanoviana . . .
Michel Gras  Dunbabin et Megara Hyblaea. Notes de lecture
Giovanna Greco e Francesca Mermati  Pithecusa, Cuma e la valle del Sarno:  intorno ad un corredo funerario dalla necropoli di San Marzano sul Sarno
Pier Giovanni Guzzo Un primo assaggio di Poggiomarino
Edward Herring   Conventions of time and nudity in the work of the Prisoner Painter
Elena Lattanzi  Personaggio di alto rango dell'antica Rhegion
Fulvia lo Schiavo  Pithecusan Gleanings I: Fibulae connections
Ellen Macnamara  Pithecusan Gleanings II: Other early Italic bronze objects from Pithekussai
Judith Toms  Pithecusan gleanings III: Connections with Etruria and Latium
Piero Orlandini  Il problema della continuita di culti tra l'eta greco-romana e l'eta cristiana
Enrico Procelli  Lo Stretto di Messina e il basso Tirreno nell'antica e media eta del Bronzo
Gillian Shepherd  Dead but not buried: the First Western Greeks' children and the evidence from the cemeteries
Alastair Small  Impressions of ethnic identity: Hellenistic tile stamps in South Italy
Lucia Vagnetti  Tartarughe nella Sibaritide
Nancy Winter  Gorgons, Minotaurs and Sibyls: a shared Early Archaic terracotta roof system at Pithecusae, Cumae and Rome
Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni  A proposito delia forma e delia funzione delia fiaschetta di Poggio Sommavilla
Robin Barber  The sincerest form of flattery: Arturo Martini and Etruscan sculpture
Gilda Bartoloni  Vino fenicio, coppe greche
Larissa Bonfante  Advertising their own wares... and their patrons' pride and glory
Maria Bonghi Jovino  I rituali sacri etruschi tra identita e innovazione alia luce di un inedito calderone di impasto dall'area sacra di Tarquinia
Glenys Davies  Etruscan body language
Nancy de Grummond   Maris, the Etruscan Genius
Sybille Haynes  The Castelluccio di Pienza: an Etruscan acropolis?
Robert Leighton  Poetry and perception in the discovery of ancient Etruria
Kathryn Lomas  The stele of Ostiala Gallenia: funerary commemoration and cultural identity in northeast Italy
Alfonso Mele Grattugia e ciceone
Mark Pearce  On Acheron's shore? Echoes of Greek belief and practice in the north Italian Final Bronze and Early Iron Ages
Lisa Pieraccini  Impressions of Bellerophon and the Chimaera at Caere
Annette Rathje Etruscology through the looking glass or through the eyes of the beholder
Antonella Romualdi  Un rinvenimento del XIX secolo e la coltura arborea a Populonia
Eva Rystedt  Athens in Etruria: A note on Panathenaic amphorae and Attic ceramic imagery in Etruria
Charlotte Schiffer Bad birds and similar unpleasant motifs in Etruscan art
Margareta Strandsberg Olofison Creatures great and small. Animals on Archaic Etruscan terracotta reliefs
Ruth Whitehouse & John Wilkins  Veneti and Etruscans: issues of language, literacy and learning

Inhabiting Symbols

John B. Wilkins and Edward Herring (eds)
Inhabiting symbols:  Symbol and image in the ancient Mediterranean
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 5.  ISBN 1 873415 25 7


John B. Wilkins & Edward Herring, Introduction
Reuben Grima, Image, order and place in Late Neolithic Malta
Susanna Harris, Representations of woven textiles in Alpine Europe during the Copper Age
Maria Mina, Gender in transition: evidence and implication from the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Aegean
Eleanor Betts, The sacred landscape of Picenum: towards a phenomenology of cult places
Edward Herring, Body art and the Daunian stelae
Fay Glinister, Gifts of the Gods: sanctuary and society in Archaic Tyrrhenian Italy
Maria Pretzler, City devices and city identities
Sian Lewis, Representation and reception: Athenian pottery in its Italian context
Kathryn Lomas, Personal Identity and Romanisation: funerary inscriptions and funerary iconography from southern Italy
Glenys Davies, Roman funerary symbolism in the Early Empire

Across Frontiers David Ridgway, Francesca R. Serra Ridgway, Mark Pearce, Edward Herring, Ruth Whitehouse and John Wilkins (eds)
Ancient Italy in its Mediterranean setting. Studies in honour of Ellen Macnamara
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 4.  ISBN 1 873415 21 4


Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri, The role of archaeological and historical data in the reconstruction of Italian protohistory
Robert Leighton, Time versus tradition: Iron Age chronologies in Sicily and southern Italy
Claudio Giardino, The beginning of metallurgy in Tyrrhenian south-central Italy: The Eneolithic facies of Gaudo
Mark Pearce, What this awl means: understanding the earliest Italian metalwork
Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli, with Paolo Mazzoleni, Bronze metallurgy in protohistoric Sicily: the stone moulds
Judith Toms, The arch fibula in Early Iron Age Italy
Judith Swaddling, Paul Craddock, Susan La Niece and Marilyn Hockey, Breaking the mould: the overwrought mirrors of Etruria
Fulvia Lo Schiavo, Sea and Sardinia: Nuragic bronze boats
Helle Salskov Roberts, The Capena Boat and its style of decoration
Anthony Snodgrass, Prehistoric Italy: a view from the sea
David Ridgway, The first Western Greeks revisited
Alessandro Naso, Etruscan and Italic artefacts from the Aegean
Peter F. Stary, Early Iron Age armament and warfare: Near Eastern influences from the Aegean via Etruria to Andalucia
Alastair Small, The use of javelins in central and south Italy in the 4th century BC
Edward Herring, Ruth Whitehouse and JohnWilkins, Wealth, wine and war: some Gravina tombs of the 6th and 5th centuries BC
Dyfri Williams, Cista a cordoni – bicchiere a cordoni
Larissa Bonfante, Classical nudity in Italy and Greece
Annette Rathje, ‘Princesses’ in Etruria and Latium Vetus?
Francesca Serra Ridgway, The Tomb of the Anina Family: some motifs in late Tarquinian painting
Sybille Haynes, Etruria Britannica

Social Dynamics Robert H. Tykot, Jonathan Morter and John E. Robb (eds)
Social dynamics of the prehistoric central Mediterranean
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 3.  ISBN 1 873415 19 2


Albert J. Ammerman, Introduction
Robin Skeates, Unveiling Inequality: Social Life and Social Change in the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic of East-Central
Roberto Maggi, Coasts and Uplands in Liguria and Northern Tuscany from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age
Robert H. Tykot,  Islands in the Stream: Stone Age Cultural Dynamics in Sardinia and Corsica
Jonathan Morter, A ‘Social’ Structure and ‘Social Structure’: Recent Architectural Finds from the Middle Neolithic Site at
Capo Alfiere, Calabria

Gary D. Shaffer, An Examination of Architectural Stability and Change: Contributions from Southern Italy
John E. Robb
, Great Persons and Big Men in the Italian Neolithic
Paula Kay Lazrus,
Farmers or Pastoralists in Sardinian Prehistory?  Settlement and Environment
Simon Stoddart, Long-term Dynamics of an Island Community: Malta 5500 BC – 2000 AD
Sebastiano Tusa, Short-term Cultural Dynamics within the Mediterranean Cultural Landscape
Laura Maniscalco, The Sicilian Bronze Age Pottery Service
Brian E. McConnell and Bruce W. Bevan, Spatial Analysis of a Castelluccian Settlement in Early Bronze Age Sicily
Alberto Cazzella and Maurizio Moscoloni, The Walled Bronze Age Settlement of Coppa Nevigata, Manfredonia and the
Development of Craft Specialisation in Southeastern Italy

Marshall Joseph Becker,  Human Skeletons from the Greek Emporium of Pithekoussai on Ischia (NA): Culture Contact and Biological Change in Italy after the 8th Century BC

Ritual John B. Wilkins (ed.)
Approaches to the study of ritual: Italy and the ancient Mediterranean
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 2.  ISBN 1 873415 15 X


John B. Wilkins, Introduction. Approaching the study of ritual
Ruth D. Whitehouse,
Ritual objects. Archaeological joke or neglected evidence?
Caroline Malone, Cult and burial in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Central Mediterranean. An assessment of the
Vedia Izzet, Engraving the boundaries. Exploring space and surface in Etruscan funerary architecture
Christopher Smith, Dead dogs and rattles. Time, space and ritual sacrifice in Iron Age Latium
Corinna Riva and Simon Stoddart, Ritual landscapes in archaic Etruria
Ray Laurence, Ritual, landscape and the destruction of place in the Roman imagination
John B. Wilkins, Urban language ritual
Edward Herring, ‘Using your religion’. Native ritual and belief in southern Italy in  the 5th and 4th centuries BC

  K. Painter (ed.)
Churches built in ancient times: Recent studies in early Christian archaeology
Specialist Studies on the Mediterranean 1. 
(Joint Publication with the Society of Antiquaries)


Kenneth Painter, Introduction
William H.C. Frend, The archaeology of the early church
Birthe Kjølbye-Biddle, The small early church in Nubia, with reference to the Church on the Point at Qasr Ibrim
Peter Grossmann and Donald Bailey, The South Church at Hermopolis Magna (Ashmunein)
Martin Biddle, The Tomb of Christ: sources, methods and a new approach
Nöel Duval, L’architecture chrétienne et les pratiques liturgiques en Jordanie en rapport avec la Palestine: recherches nouvelles
Hansgerd Hellenkemper, Early church architecture in southern Asia Minor
†Martin Harrison, From Jerusalem and back again: the fate of the treasures of Solomon
Andrew Poulter, Churches in space: the early Byzantine city of Nicopolis
Charles Thomas, The Eastern Mediterranean and the Western provinces: a British perspective
Rosemary Cramp,
Monkwearmouth and Jarrow in their European context
Warwick Rodwell, The archaeology of the early church in the Channel Islands
Michael Ryan,
Early Christian metalwork: new evidence from Ireland
Michael J. Jones, St Paul in the Bail, Lincoln: Britain in Europe?

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