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The Excavations at Botromagno

red figure krater

Greek red figure krater
from Gravina
(Photograph by Edward Herring)

The Botromagno project was a programme of excavation and survey at a major Iron Age site near Gravina di Puglia in southern Italy, running from 1979-85.

This large inland hilltop settlement site was occupied throughout most of the first millennium BC. It offered the opportunity to study a local community through a thousand years which witnessed the arrival first of Greek settlers in the area and later the military power of Rome.

The aim of the work at Botromagno was directed at elucidating the nature and impact of relationships between the local community and these external groups in the context of concerns with issues of identity, ethnicity and local dynamics of state formation and urbanism.

The final report was published in 2000 as E. Herring, R. Whitehouse and J. Wilkins, Botromagno. Excavation and Survey at Gravina in Puglia. 1979-1985.


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