Pollution monitoring survey

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What is the purpose of this survey?

The purpose of this survey is to better understand the issues related to pollution monitoring at heritage sites. Are air pollution levels monitored? Why not? What are the pollutants of interest? These are some of the questions which should improve our understanding of issues related to air pollution monitoring at heritage sites around the world. Such understanding would help develop more suitable monitoring systems.

How to participate in this survey?

The survey is now closed.

What will happen to the results of this survey?

The results of this survey will be analysed anonymously and made available on this website. Importantly, the results will also help design environment monitoring systems that better fit the sites' needs.

Terms of confidentiality and data protection

No personally identifiable data needs to be collected as part of the survey. You may provide your contact information if you would like to be contacted later or get the opportunity to receive a free set of pollution tubes for your site.

By completing and returning this form, you are giving us your consent that the personal information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this project and not transferred to an organisation outside of UCL. The information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Publications and presentations will be handled in a way that will not identify individuals or sites. If there is a need to name your institution, your formal authorisation will be sought first.