Duties and Responsibilities of the Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional)

contact: Dame Nicola Brewer, Vice-Provost (International)


1. Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional) will be appointed by the Vice-Provost for a period of 3 years, which may be renewable by agreement.

2. The Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional) will:

  • Chair the relevant Regional Network meetings (2 hours) once a term, with all administrative support provided by the Vice-Provost (International)'s team, and potentially join any relevant Anchor Partnership steering group, also likely to meet once a term (1-2) hours;
  • Identify, and be a point of contact for, 'Country Correspondents' within the relevant Regional Network;
  • Host up to 4 senior visiting international delegations per year, as requested by the Provost or the Vice-Provost (International);
  • Act as ambassador and advocate for UCL and its Global Engagement Strategy when travelling;
  • Be a conduit for information between actual and potential international partners and the Vice-Provost (International) and Provost.

3. The Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional) will work closely with the offices of the following areas of UCL:

  • The Vice-Provost (International);
  • The Pro-Vice-Provost (International) - to be appointed;
  • Faculty Vice-Deans (International)

and are also likely to have contact, from time to time, with;

  • Student and Registry Services;
  • The International Student Recruitment Office;
  • The UCL Doctoral School;
  • The Development and Alumni Relations Office;
  • UCL Business;
  • European Research and Development Office.

4. All UCL staff involved in significant activities and formulations of policies to a particular region are expected to keep the appropriate Pro-Vice-Provost (Regional) informed through the relevant Regional Network.

5. In addition to the general duties described above, the Pro-Vice-Provosts (Regional) will agree annually with the Vice-Provost (International) a short list of priorities for the following year.

*The seven Regional Networks are:

  • Africa and the Middle East
  • East Asia (China; Hong Kong; Taiwan; South Korea; Japan; Australia; New Zealand; New Guinea; Pacific Islands)
  • South East Asia (Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; Cambodia; Laos; Thailand; Vietnam)
  • South Asia (India; Bangladesh; Nepal; Pakistan; Sri Lanka)
  • Europe (51 Independent states including 28 EU member states)
  • North America
  • Latin America

July 2015