Departmental Teaching Committees

contact: Derfel Owen, Director of Academic Support, Student and Registry Services


Terms of reference

The following should be regarded as core terms of reference for Departmental Teaching Committees (DTCs). This list of items should not be regarded as exhaustive.

Subject to any general or particular direction which may be prescribed from time to time by the Academic Committee and/or the relevant Faculty Teaching Committee(s) (FTCs), the DTC will normally be expected:

1. Within the framework of Academic Committee and FTC statements of policy and good practice in respect of quality management and enhancement (QME), to define, develop and keep under regular review departmental QME processes and mechanisms.

2. To consider and approve proposals to institute, amend, revise or withdraw modules or programmes, for forwarding to the appropriate faculty committees or officers.

3. As part of the implementation of UCL’s Annual Monitoring (AM) and Augmented Annual Monitoring (AugAM) processes (i) to receive and consider the Department’s Annual Monitoring Report (AMR), (ii) to receive and consider the Department’s Augmented Annual Monitoring Report (AugAMR) and (iii) to submit these to the relevant Faculty Teaching Committee.

4. To devise individual module/programme student questionnaires according to guidance prescribed by the FTC and/or UCL.

5. To receive and monitor the findings of analyses of student questionnaires and to define and keep under review mechanisms for feedback to students on the outcome of such questionnaires.

6. To receive the minutes of Departmental Staff Student Consultative Committees (DSSCCs), to note the main matters arising, and where necessary, to take further action.

7.To review annually the department's arrangements for Induction Week.

8. To receive the department's Self-evaluative Statement for Internal Quality Review (IQR)1 and approve this for forwarding to the IQR team.

9. To report to the Head of Department (either via the Departmental Staff Meeting or through such other mechanism as the Head of Department sees fit) by submission of the Minutes of each meeting of the Committee to the Head.

10. To report to the FTC(s) concerned by submission of Minutes of each meeting of the Committee to the officers of the relevant FTC(s).


The following should be regarded as comprising minimum requirements for the constitution of a DTC:

Staff membership

  • Head of Department (or her/his designated representative)
  • Departmental Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator
  • the Programme Co-ordinator for each programme of study offered by the department.

Student membership

The DTC should include at least one undergraduate and one postgraduate student member2. Committee chairs and/or secretaries should meet the student representatives in advance of the first committee meeting, in order to brief them on the committees' works and proceedings and to put the students at ease and introduce them to key committee members.


The DTC should normally meet at least once in the Autumn Term each year and at least once in the Spring Term each year. Departments are encouraged to convene the DTC more frequently if they see fit to do so.

The DTC should normally be serviced by a member of the department's administrative or secretarial staff.

Faculty monitoring of DTC operations

As indicated in the core terms of reference, FTCs should routinely receive the Minutes of DTC meetings.

January 2015

1 It is understood that the timing of some IQR visits may mean that the DTC's approval will need to be obtained, either through Chair's action or through correspondence rather than in discussion at a DTC meeting.

2 If the DTC agenda includes business which the Chair feels should not be discussed in the presence of student members, there should be a separate, Reserved Area of Business section of the agenda.