Contacts and Sources of Information

Enquiries regarding the documents in Part 6 of the Academic Manual should be referred to the officer named at the beginning of each constituent document, as follows (officers listed in alphabetical order of surname):

Dr Rosalind Duhs, Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (telephone 020 7679 1673, internal extension 41673, e-mail – r.duhs [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Anne-Marie Howard, Human Resources Policy and Planning (e-mail – anne-marie.howard [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Richard Laughlin, Organisational Development, Human Resources (telephone 020 7679 8269, internal extension 48269, e-mail – r.laughlin [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Geoff Lang, Director, Policy and Planning, Human Resources (telephone 020 7679 9760, internal extension 09760, e-mail – g.lang [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Rob Traynor, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 8591, internal extension 28591, e-mail – r.traynor [at]ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

January 2015