Contacts and Sources of Information

Enquiries regarding the documents in Part 5 of the Academic Manual should be referred to the officer named at the beginning of each constituent document, as follows (officers listed in alphabetical order of surname):

Wendy Appleby, Registrar, Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 2047, internal extension 32047, email – w.appleby [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

David Ashton, Director of Student Administration, Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 7389, internal extension 37389, e-mail – d.ashton [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Karen Barnard, Director, UCL Careers (telephone 020 3549 5909, e-mail – k.barnard [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Ben Colvill, Senior Executive Officer (Doctoral School) (telephone 020 7679 7841, internal extension 37841, e-mail – ben.colvill [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Denise Long, Director of Student Support and Wellbeing, Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 2055, internal extension 32055, e-mail – denise.long [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Catherine McAteer, Head of Student Psychological Services (telephone 020 7679 1485, internal extension 21485, e-mail – c.mcateer [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Andy Saffery, Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning), Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 2048, internal extension 32048, e-mail – a.saffery [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Dr Ruth Siddall, Student Mediator (telephone 020 7679 2758, internal extension 32758, e-mail – r.siddall [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost Education and Student Affairs - incorporating Dean of Students (Academic), (telephone 020 3108 5040, e-mail - vpeducation [at] ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

UCL Union Sabbatical Officers
Education and Campaigns Officer:
Keir Gallagher (telephone 020 7679 7893, e-mail – eco [at] uclu.org)
Welfare and International Officer:
Katerina Kokkinou (telephone 020 7679 7931, e-mail – wio [at] uclu.org)
Medical, Pharmacy and Health Students' Officer:
Tracy Herman (telephone 020 7679 7199, e-mail - mphso [at] uclu.org)
Postgraduate Students’ Officer: Ben Towse (telephone 020 7679 7892, e-mail – pso [at] uclu.org)

for the following:

David Walmsley Head of Student Disability Services, Student and Registry Services (telephone 020 7679 1343, internal extension 31343, e-mail - d.walmsley@ucl.ac.uk) for the following:

January 2015