Appeals Procedure for Special Cases for Student Accommodation

contact: Denise Long, Director of Student Support and Wellbeing


Students who have a disability or illness, the nature of which can be shown to require a place in student accommodation, may make an application for a place, even though they would otherwise not be eligible for consideration for a place according to UCL's allocation policy.

This facility is explained in the accommodation booklet for students wishing to return to student residences after their first year.

Students applying for continued residence on the grounds of disability or illness must make an application, in the normal way, by the published deadline. They must also submit a letter stating why they are applying and provide with that letter a letter from a doctor that gives details of their illness or disability and its impact on their lifestyle.

Applications for special cases made on financial grounds or on the grounds of inability to live at home are not considered.

Applications for consideration as a special case are considered by a panel comprising: theDirector of Student Support and Wellbeing, the Director of Student Residential Services and the Welfare and International Officer of UCL Union.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the panel's deliberations.

Appeals against the decisions of the panel will be considered by an independent referee, who will be a registered medical practitioner not employed by UCL or the NHS Gower Place Practice.

Students wishing to appeal against the panel's decision must do so within 14 days of receiving the letter informing them of the panel's decision. The appeal must be submitted to the Director of Student Support and Wellbeing in writing and it must state the grounds for the appeal.

The grounds for appeal are:

  • The panel was not in possession of all the evidence that could reasonably have been made available at the time it considered the case.
  • New evidence showing a significant deterioration of the applicant's condition after the panel considered the case.
  • The panel did not follow the procedure laid down in this document.

Only these grounds will be allowed. Appeals on any other grounds will not be forwarded to the medical referee and will be rejected by the Director of Student Support and Wellbeing.[The panel will normally meet once a year after the closing date for applications from returning students. Where a student becomes ill or disabled after the closing date, applications will be considered by the panel on an ad hoc basis, but an offer of a place will depend on availability]

November 2013