Part 5 - Student support and guidance

Contacts and Sources of Information
UCL-Student Relationship Statement
Provision of Information to Students
Duties of the Dean of Students (Academic)
UCL Student Mediator
Advisor to Women Students
Duties of Faculty Tutors
Duties of Departmental Tutors
Role and Responsibilities of Faculty Graduate Tutors
Role and Responsibilities of Departmental/Divisional Graduate Tutors
Role and Responsibilities of Undergraduate Admissions Tutors/Selectors
Personal Tutors
Duties of Wardens of Student Residences
Appeals Procedure for Special Cases for Student Accommodation
Policy on Harassment and Bullying (students)
Student Psychological Services
Current Provision for Students with Disabilities
Students with Disabilities - Information for Staff
Support Services of UCL Union
Religion and Belief Equality Policy for Students
UCL Careers
Volunteering Services Unit
Essential Information for Graduate Taught Degrees
A Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees
Thesis Committees
Disciplinary Code and Procedure in Respect of Students
Student Complaints Procedure
Study Abroad Students
Monitoring the Supervision of Research Students
Policy on Providing References for Students
Substance Use and Misuse Amongst Students
Procedure for Managing Cases of Meningitis
Policy on Infectious Disease Control in the Student Population
Student Mental Health Policy
Support to Study Policy and Fitness to Study Procedure
ProcedureĀ in the Event of the Death of a Student