Teaching on Wednesday Afternoons

contact: Clare Goudy, Office of the Vice-Provost (Education)


1. All undergraduate teaching should finish at 12.55pm on Wednesday afternoons, and graduate teaching after this time should be avoided if at all possible.

2. Wednesday afternoons are extremely important for all our students, since this is the time when they can take advantage of UCL's many opportunities for personal development through taking part in extra-curricular activities. The need for teaching to finish at 12.55pm is especially acute for those students taking part in field sports, since the completion of matches and training in daylight hours is essential for the safety of the participants. It is very important that we ensure that our students have the chance to take part in extra-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoons, and we should remember that we regard the UCL student experience as being a holistic one.

3. Any decision to hold classes on Wednesday afternoons must be discussed and agreed with all students involved, and should not be scheduled if failure to attend is likely to prejudice a student's academic progress. If it proves absolutely impossible for one reason or another to hold the classes at any other time but a Wednesday afternoon, arrangements should be put in place for students who wish to take part in extra-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoons.

March 2014