UCL Lecturecast Policy

contact: Dr John Mitchell, Faculty of Engineering Sciences


1. This policy refers to UCL’s Lecturecast service, UCL’s system for the end-to-end recording and online delivery of material captured during face-to-face classes within the institution. The system consists of a number of recording devices within selected teaching spaces and a processing/distribution system for content delivery. It also applies to video material produced either externally or through the Personal Capture tool and uploaded to the Lecturecast system. Recordings are currently made available to UCL staff and students via a dedicated portal accessible through Moodle, although other forms of dissemination are possible and may prove of interest to academic users of the service.

2. Lecturecast is, by default, an opt-in service with the onus on individual lecturers or teaching leads in departments/divisions to choose to use the system. Each department/division should clearly define who is responsible for managing this process. It is recommended that usage of Lecturecast be a standing item on the agenda of the relevant Teaching Committee to show a clear UCL structure of tracking and accountability.

3. Where departments/divisions wish to depart from the standard opt-in policy and set an explicit opt-out policy, this must be in consultation with staff affected. Clear guidance must be given to all staff on this policy; for instance it must be made clear to staff whom they should contact to opt-out and what implications this would have for their teaching. It should be possible for any member of staff to opt-out so that their lectures within the specific course are not captured or published.

4. All staff using the system should be made aware of the training material available on the use of Lecturecast. This material, as well as covering technical aspects of the system, also provides primary guidance on copyright and other policy issues.

5. Staff are reminded of the UCL regulations on copyright available from the library at:


and the specific copyright guidance on recorded lectures available at:


6. Retention policy: At the end of the academic year (July31st), all recordings located in the available/unavailable areas will be moved into the ‘archive’ category within the Lecturecast system; at this point they will become unavailable for viewing. It is the responsibility of content owners who want recordings to remain available from one academic year to the next to move their content back from ‘archive’ to ‘available’.

7. Content Deletion: Due to the storage requirements of the Lecturecast system, it is a requirement to delete content from the system that is not in use. To identify content for deletion the system will use the following criteria:

Content is located within the archive AND the content’s creation date is older than two years.

Such content will be deleted on a ten-monthly cycle commencing each October and ending the following July. Thus all content with a creation date older than two years, that is located in the archive during the first week of a month, will be deleted from the system.

No deletion will take place during August-September each year to allow content owners to move content back into the available/unavailable area for the start of session.

See: https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/LecturecastResourceCentre/Archiving+and+deletion+Policy.

April 2014