Procedures for Dealing with Students in Debt

Contact: Lois Wells, Director of Financial Accounting, Finance Division


It is a condition of enrolment that all fees are paid on time and students are expected to arrange prompt payment to meet the required deadlines. Students are deemed to be debtors when there is an overdue, outstanding balance on any of their student accounts. These debts can relate to tuition fees, residence fees, examination re-entry fees, late submission fees, dean of students loan/fine, emergency loan or library fine.

Students with a tuition fee debt to UCL will receive a series of e-mail reminders (via their UCL account) informing them of overdue balances and warning of possible future sanctions. Continued non-payment will lead to the prevention of access to selected services and facilities (library, computer access, building access) and may ultimately result in a suspension of registration. All students in debt have a flag applied to their Portico account that prevents the release of any official documentation e.g. council tax certificates, transcripts, official examination results. A Portico default flag also prevents a student in debt enrolling for a future session and from being awarded a degree. Once a student has settled their debt, the flag and any sanctions are usually removed within 1-2 working days.

A further sanction applied to students in debt is the withholding of their graduation tickets. Any student wishing to attend a graduation ceremony must settle all debts in full to enable tickets to be released to them. The Assistant Manager, within Student Fees, will hold the tickets of debtors until the debt has been cleared.

Students are responsible for payment of all fees including those invoiced to a sponsor. Default flags are applied to unpaid sponsor invoices and liability may be transferred from the sponsor to the student.

Debtors no longer enrolled at UCL will be contacted by post and e-mail. Continued non-payment of an undisputed debt may result in the use of external agencies for collection.

August 2012